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check out our non-profit open source project incubator with all scrums, client meetings and pairing recorded and available online - if you can't connect with a pair partner on G+, you can through AV!

Hey, I am learning rails for 6 months.But now I want to get hand dirty with some real coding.Any expert would like to take me for pair programming.I am quick learner and really good at picking things easily.

Does anyone pair program and know Ruby? I'm new to programming and want to learn by seeing others program and explain concepts. I would appreciate any help or advice.

I would like to join .Net C# ASP.Net project to acclerate my knowledge. anyone out in this group is doing project in this tech. 

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Hi guys, we do a lot of remote pair programming and have therefore built an plugin which we use a lot internally. We've open-sourced it, so feel free to use and share ideas/feedback. 

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Not Rails, but great Ruby practice...  LMK if you want to pair up.

Looking for someone to pair with to refactor my java + websocket based online pictionary game. The code is available at:

Anyone up for some Rails pairing/mentoring? I have some knowledge but not confident yet. Looking for someone to help accelerate my learning... I am comfortable with HTML CSS and programming. 

someone would like to join me for a NLP project? tools of trade: python, nltk, gensim...
I am also learning clojure (I am coming from python & scala)

I'm a beginner and just getting started with Full Stack dev. Anyone interested in pairing up? 

Also, i'm using the odin project for the my learning, and i am right now at HTML/CSS.
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