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Hey it is finally finished I did all of the pics.  Do Not Watch If Not Finished With All of The Warrior Series.  Pls. Subscribe to me.

Swiftstar ( Swiftpath)
Clan: Earthclan
Rank: Leader
Gender: She-cat
Mate: Badgerclaw
Kits: Hollykit (Black with icy blue eyes, she-cat), Dreamkit(Brown with black stripes, she-cat), and Moonkit ( Gray with a moon crescent on her forehead, tom)
Pelt: Black with white toes, muzzle, and inside of ears
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Happy, happy to help, if others are in need will help with what i can, great fighter/hunter, close to Starclan

what clan are you going to lead Amanda 

I have finished the whole series and own all but like 3 of the books.  I just need to read the fifth series Dawn of the Clans.

I still have to read the series's....What do you mean by BriarClan? and, what if you made(or wanna make) you own clan? 

Clan: Crystal Clan (I have many warrior games, with differemt characters. I made a new , hidden clan for this one)
Gender: Tomcat
Mate: Not yet
Kits:Not yet
Pelt:Black, with silver streaks, and very slight blue.
Eyes: Pure Blue
Personality: Volitle when enraged, hard to enrage. Very close to Starclan. Trustworthy and fun 
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