Why is it no longer on Google Play?

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4 Photos - View album

The app is great but I don't see the Artist, Album, Genre tabs.
I use Soundwire to stream music to my phone over Wifi perfectly but I can't over 3G/4G.

Someone could help with the settings on Windows 8.1 firewall?

Love the program. using it for ages. No issues on older Kyocera hydro or my galaxy s4. Love Winamp and this is the best remote for it.

Hello, the last update is FULL BUGS !!!!!

Hey, kommt die "Queue" auch noch rein?
Funktioniert sehr gut btw :)

Just installed 3.0.3 and now I cant connect to the server. I have tried closing it down and starting up, also checked IP. It did have connection for a while, but lost it halfway through the library sync. 

Tried closing the app and restarting. But cant even find the server automaticly or manually anymore. 

I have the pro version 3.0.2. and the latest server version. My winamp version is 5.666. I can't get the playlists to show up on the app. I saw this was supposed to be fixed with the latest update but apparently on mine it doesn't work. Is there anything I could be doing wrong? I already synced library twice
Congrats by the way with the latest version it looks and works great. A bit sluggish sometimes. Especially at startup. Perhaps that can be fixed later?

Got the pro version and latest server. I cannot see album art.(only in current track playing) Also have enabled show albums in grid not list format and nothing happens. Will only play one track then stop cannot get it to play whole album. the only tab that works is the file browser (artist, album, song, genre tabs are all blank) I have winamp running on an XP netbook connected to my hifi via a DAC. any clues please.

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Well, this is a surprise!
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