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Characters! (None of the things presented here are 100% confirmed to make it to the final product)

Frisk ||
Frisk caught a rare case of the disease and was sent underground because the humans were afraid that it couldn't be cured normally.
Ironically, this creates an aura that can heal minor things.
This aura gets weaker and weaker in genocide until it flips, and becomes an aura that damages.
It's strongest when SAVING and LOADING.

Flowey/Asriel ||
Asriel's magic didn't work when he was born due to a defect from a healed variation of the disease when he was born. This doesn't stop him from being a semi-boss monster.
When Chara fell down, they instantly became best friends, because, in a way, they were like each other.
Chara and Asriel made a plan to heal and free all monsters, so Chara caught the disease on purpose and died. Asriel goes on to absorb the soul despite ASGORE's wishes and goes to negotiate with the humans, but they think that he is a mutated monster from the disease bent to spread it to them and attack him.

He makes it back to the kingdom, only for his dust to fall upon a wilted flower.
[one experiment later]

Flowey wants the disease not to die, but to grow, which is why he wants to destroy all hope of the disease healing to die, which is why he hates Frisk, because of their (ever so slight) healing aura.

Toriel ||

Poor Toriel, just wants to protect you from the disease, but in the end, all her lovely, innocent children died.
But she's determined to protect Frisk.
So much, she decided to tag along with Frisk for the journey!
^(^v^)^ Yay!
Oh wait, there's a tragic backstory behind that motherly, overprotective goat mother.

Gaster ||

Gaster fell into the CORE after trying to make up for making his experiments on sick monsters by creating an energy source.

Sans ||

Sans is sick in bed while Papyrus looks after him. In genocide, Mettaton is the final boss instead of Sans.

Papyrus ||

Papyrus asked Undyne to let him into the Royal Doctors (there is no Royal Guard in this AU)
because he didn't want anyone else to get sick (because of how heartbroken he was when sans got struck), but Undyne, knowing that if Papyrus DID join, he would have to witness all those deaths, decides to teach him how to cook soup.
Now he makes soup for Sans.
(shiver) poor sans
so in general, he likes soup instead of spaghetti

Mettaton ||

Mettaton was created to give monsters a distraction from everything going on. It's extremely hard for Mettaton to keep everyone's spirits up, so he's stressed 24/7. He takes the place for Sans in genocide as the final boss, being mad that all his efforts for the monsters just to feel better went down the drain like that.

Chara ||

Use your imagination.

Asgore ||

Asgore promised everybody long ago he would collect 7 human souls after Chara died because they all thought they were burdened to die.
Of course, I think he's gone a little mad.. could it be from those human souls he's absorbed?

just realized how much i've rambled

Alphys ||

As the royal scientist, she's actually made her fair share of failed medicines.
However, she blames Mettaton for all her failures and is very abusive toward him.

Undyne ||

Undyne is the head Royal Doctor, because she's so good at punching out sickness.
Not literally.

hopefully that's nearly everyone BECAUSE I CAN'T POST EVERY MINOR CHARACTER waudsawanhsdjaksydwajsdhjawksb
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