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Ciro Villa

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First read this few, important words by our fellow moderator +Jason Major :

"Just a quick note (PLEASE READ) – if you post an article here that has already been shared recently, especially multiple times, OR if you post an image or video (even space-related) with no content, description, or attribution, it will be removed.

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It's About Respect 
One of the things we do a lot as moderators of the Space community is remind posters to give proper attribution and link-backs to the authors and artists whose work they're sharing with everybody. Though the rules are pretty simple - put the name of the content creator in your post, if the work is copyrighted put the name of the organization that owns the copyright (if different from the author) in your post, and include a link back to the original source - they're often not heeded. The moderating team understands that even these simple rules are significantly stricter  than what people find in most of social media, and so we try to give people ample warning and reminders of the expectations here. 
If we know the rules surrounding sharing are stricter than in other communities, why do we have them?  If the copyright boogymen aren't coming for you on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or even elsewhere on Google+, isn't it safe to just share freely with the Space community? 
Well, simply put, yes. Unless you're posting something that's explicitly and blatantly illegal, the legal ramifications of your sharing a quote, or an image, or what have you are nil. Nobody's coming to get you. 
But that's not the point. It's not about the law. We're not trying to cover our behinds, and we're not reminding you to cover yours. In fact, many of the images we're all sharing are in the public domain, and are not protected by copyright laws. 
It's about respect. 
By naming the scientist, author, artist, photographer, videographer, director, producer, or whoever it is that has created this work that you feel is worth sharing in your post and including a link back to the original source, you are showing your respect. You are showing your respect to the creator of that work, and, perhaps more importantly, you are showing your respect to the other members of this community. 
As moderators, we want to build a community that is built on respect, and one of the most significant ways we can show respect is to give credit where credit is due. We want to foster an attitude around content sharing that is respectful, that is not exploitative of artists and authors, and that does not take the members of this community for granted. 
As a denizen and frequent user of social media, you may not care about giving credit, and as a content creator yourself, you may not care if you get credit. In the end, however, it isn't about you, nor is it about what you care about. It's about this community as a whole, and what kind of community we all want it to be. What we want is a community that does care. 
We want a community that cares about attribution because it's curious about where things come from, and because it's respectful toward others.
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General  - 
Did the NASA rover spot a mouse on the barren land of Mars? 
A New York Post article trended this Thanksgiving weekend after reporting a 'giant mouse' spotted by amateur astronomers who use data of NASA Curiosity rover.
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Mickey for (Mars) President..😆 
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Poll Smith

General  - 
Alexei Leonov - cosmonaut-artist
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Dan Levesque

Space Photos - Only post 1 per day  - 
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This program describes the most remarkable, perspective changing discoveries in the field of cosmology in the last 100 years. Each discovery was made by scientists working with a radically new telescope.
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Zen Snake

Amateur Astrophotography  - 
It is really hard to see any astronomical event in St.Petersburg (Russia) due to permanental cloudiness. But I have shot this year the Sun Eclipse(20.03.2015) and the greatest Moon Eclipse since last 30 years (28.09.2015)! 
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Pro Programmer

Astronomy  - 
Tim Peake, British astronaut, is going up into space in December and he is taking with him two Raspberry Pi Astro Pis that he will use, the amazing part is that they were programmed by school students from around the UK.
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The 5 mass extinctions.
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That looks really cool.
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Космические объекты разнообразны, некоторые из них доступны оптическому восприятию - их можно увидеть. Например, космические тела – планеты, астероиды. О существовании чёрной дыры можно догадаться только по косвенным признакам.

Вообразите, что в некой области пространства присутствует определённое количество вещества. Несомненно, Вы знакомы с гравитацией. Само вещество генерирует эту силу, притягивая поближе межзвёздные частицы. Вскоре они образуют диск, который будет вращаться по закручивающейся спирали, пока не сольётся с центральной частью, тем самым увеличив её массу и гравитационную составляющую. После ряда повторяющихся циклов степень концентрации материи и её сжатие создадут силу притяжения такой мощности, что образовавшаяся "черная дыра" проглотит абсолютно всё в пределах досягаемости. Стоит упомянуть о "горизонте событий" - условном рубеже, после пересечения которого вещество неминуемо достигает сингулярности - оно сжимается в точку. Какие свойства оно приобретает после этого, как изменяется структура атомов, их ядра – это тайна Космоса. Вещество, излучения, даже световые волны навсегда пропадают в этих объятьях. Предположить, что рядом существует чёрная дыра, можно по движению звёзды, скорректированному гравитацией грозного порождения космоса.

Учёные полагают: существуют и "белые дыры". Здесь предполагается взаимосвязь с чёрными дырами. Действительно, если материя накапливается в чёрных дырах, то симметричность законов притяжения во времени заключается в следующем: вещество может быть "выброшено" в другой области космоса, в прошлом или в будущем. В чём - то это иллюстрирует теорию подробнее:
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Космические объекты разнообразны, некоторые из них доступны оптическому восприятию, а некоторые - нет
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+URIY RABYSHKO также с магнитными силовыми линиями полный абзац в понимании её сущности ! На атомном уровне понятие доменов маленько коробит!
Проще представть орбитальный виток электрона у Ритца с его электрон позитронной ловушкой ...хотя и тут вопросы почему оне должны создавать каркас пирамиду а не анегилироваться...!? 
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General  - 
International Space Station: NASA Video Shows How Astronauts Celebrate Thanksgiving in Space
While astronauts aboard the International Space Station are not able to step outside and fire up the turkey fryer, they still celebrate Thanksgiving with a feast of smoked turkey, candied yams, cornbread dressing and many other classic holiday favorites. Some of the food is thermostabilized and ...
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Xarm nak su mhakal

Space Photos - Only post 1 per day  - 
Astropho tographer A. Garrett Evans took this image of the Miky way over Popham Beach State Park in Maine the morning of Aprill 18, 2015 as a 9-shot panorama 
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360 shots are cool but strange.
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The Universe

Herbert Miller

Space Exploration  - 
Finally astronauts can enjoy a good cup of coffee.
Last year Italy sent an espresso machine up to the ISS, and this inspired a team of researchers to study the related strange fluids phenomena in low gravity, such as espresso crema formation and containment of potentially hazardous drinks within a spacecraft. To do this, the researchers designed a cup that exploits surface tension as opposed to gravity.
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I saw this in Popular Science
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Sarah Fisher

Amateur Astrophotography  - 
Waning Gibbous Moon - if you have clear skies - just look up!

Conditions tonight were quite challenging - high fast moving cloud, steady breeze, intermittent clear patches

Prime focus single shot, Canon 600D attached to Mak 127mm, Worcestershire, UK

#Moon #Waning #Gibbous #Astronomy #Astrophotography
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Good photo
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Andre van der Hoeven

Amateur Astrophotography  - 
Just 2 more days! 

On Nov 1st I started my Kickstarter project to see if I could publish my book with astrophotography from professional and amateurs, including a huge amount of my own images. I worked 3 years on this project and really tried to make a beautiful book. I didn't know what to expect. I hoped that I would maybe be able to get the publication of my book funded, but have to admit I wasn't sure I would make it at all.

Now I'm 28 days further and have just 2 days left in the kickstarter campaign. I could never have imagined the result until now. Over 300 books have been sold and today the 150% funding is reached. I'm very happy to announce that I will make the book in even a more luxury version with gold foil letters on the cover thanks to the good result.

Even Universe Today wrote about the project and it was shared by many people, including Phil Plait from the famous Bad Astronomy blog. 

In the coming week the printing process will start and the book will hopefully be delivered in early January.

If you're interested there is still time to pre-order the book via the Kickstarter site and get a special version that is personally signed by me.

All the people who supported this project in any way thanks a lot!
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Caleb Jones

Space Photos - Only post 1 per day  - 
Caleb Jones originally shared:
Like an illustration in a galactic Just So Story, the Elephant’s Trunk Nebula winds through the emission nebula and young star cluster complex IC 1396, in the high and far off constellation of Cepheus. Of course, the cosmic elephant’s trunk is over 20…
The Elephant's Trunk Nebula winds through the emission nebula and young star cluster complex IC 1396
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To me it looks like a human and dogs
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How Black Hole Winds Blow (Artist Concept)

Supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies blast radiation and ultra-fast winds outward, as illustrated in this artist's conception. New data from NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) and the European Space Agency's (ESA's) XMM-Newton telescopes show that these winds, which contain gases of highly ionized atoms, blow in a nearly spherical fashion, emanating in every direction, as shown in the artwork. The findings rule out the possibility that the winds blow in narrow beams.

With the shape and extent of the winds known, the researchers were able to determine the winds' strength. The high-speed winds are powerful enough to shut down star formation throughout a galaxy.

The artwork is based on an image of the Pinwheel galaxy (Messier 101) taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope
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Venus and Spica in late November, 2015 ~ beautiful +EarthSky ❤ #space #astronomy #universe  
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Le vedo nitide ,very clean we casn see every morning with Charlotte at six o clock more and less
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From the press release : "
From:    UK Space Agency
First published:     25 November 2015
The aim is to extend the network of business incubators supporting space companies across the UK, deliver an effective national capacity for space company incubation and ensure shared best practice. The call is deliberately flexible to reflect and build upon the varying local offers for business incubation.

This call is aimed at business incubation centres who wish to support start-up companies across the breadth of the space sector.
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Nick Hunt

General  - 
A video closeup of the Moon. Celestron CPC 9.25 XLT and Samsung security camera.
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