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We appreciate everyone's very enthusiastic participation in the Space Community.

In order to keep this community focused on proper scientific facts, historical or contemporary space related stories, photos or videos and more broadly pertinent, general interest space posting, we encourage all of our members to keep in mind a few recommendations and community rules:

The Space Community is not intended for posts about non-scientific Ufology, Religion, Speculative Alienology and/or Conspiracy Theories.

Further, posting of fictional space art imagery or videos, especially without attribution, credits and/or explanation, (unless strongly contextualized and properly credited), and other forms of photo shopped "fake" space imagery (i.e. wallpapers) without any proper context, rhyme or reason as well as other forms of "space resembling" fictional art is strongly discouraged.

There are many other, more appropriate communities out there for those sort of posts.

For more information, please refer to the Community Policy section of this Community.


Also read this few, important words by our fellow moderator +Jason Major :

"Just a quick note (PLEASE READ) – if you post an article here that has already been shared recently, especially multiple times, OR if you post an image or video (even space-related) with no content, description, or attribution, it will be removed.

Thank You - Management"

Please refer to the Community Policy at left for more information. Thank you.
It's About Respect 
One of the things we do a lot as moderators of the Space community is remind posters to give proper attribution and link-backs to the authors and artists whose work they're sharing with everybody. Though the rules are pretty simple - put the name of the content creator in your post, if the work is copyrighted put the name of the organization that owns the copyright (if different from the author) in your post, and include a link back to the original source - they're often not heeded. The moderating team understands that even these simple rules are significantly stricter  than what people find in most of social media, and so we try to give people ample warning and reminders of the expectations here. 
If we know the rules surrounding sharing are stricter than in other communities, why do we have them?  If the copyright boogymen aren't coming for you on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or even elsewhere on Google+, isn't it safe to just share freely with the Space community? 
Well, simply put, yes. Unless you're posting something that's explicitly and blatantly illegal, the legal ramifications of your sharing a quote, or an image, or what have you are nil. Nobody's coming to get you. 
But that's not the point. It's not about the law. We're not trying to cover our behinds, and we're not reminding you to cover yours. In fact, many of the images we're all sharing are in the public domain, and are not protected by copyright laws. 
It's about respect. 
By naming the scientist, author, artist, photographer, videographer, director, producer, or whoever it is that has created this work that you feel is worth sharing in your post and including a link back to the original source, you are showing your respect. You are showing your respect to the creator of that work, and, perhaps more importantly, you are showing your respect to the other members of this community. 
As moderators, we want to build a community that is built on respect, and one of the most significant ways we can show respect is to give credit where credit is due. We want to foster an attitude around content sharing that is respectful, that is not exploitative of artists and authors, and that does not take the members of this community for granted. 
As a denizen and frequent user of social media, you may not care about giving credit, and as a content creator yourself, you may not care if you get credit. In the end, however, it isn't about you, nor is it about what you care about. It's about this community as a whole, and what kind of community we all want it to be. What we want is a community that does care. 
We want a community that cares about attribution because it's curious about where things come from, and because it's respectful toward others.
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Update to post on OneWeb's satellite Internet-service project -- two major changes
(Scroll to the end of the post).

OneWeb has made two major changes to their plans.

Citing pressure from national regulators who insisted on being able to control the routes of all traffic coming into or out of their nations, OneWeb has dropped inter-satellite laser links from their design. Doing so will simplify satellite design and save money and weight, but will lead to increased latencies and require more terrestrial gateways.

They have also decided to cut the number of satellites in their initial constellation from 900 to 600. After seeing better than expected results in their satellite ground tests, they concluded that they can achieve global coverage with only 600 satellites. The satellites will cost a little more than the initially budgeted $500,000 each, but this represents a significant overall cost reduction. They have also decided that their initial priority will be connecting boats and planes before focusing on the Internet for the masses.

They have not decided whether or not the next 300 satellites will be the same design as the initial 600 or a next-generation, higher capacity design. Their first 10 satellites will launch next February and while company founder Greg Wyler said he hopes to begin service next year, that could slip to 2020.

#Satellite   #Internet   #Space   #ICT4D  

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From a radiant in the constellation of the Twins, the annual Geminid meteor shower rained down on our fair planet this week. This beautiful skyscape collects about 70 of Gemini's lovely shooting stars in a digital composition made from multiple exposures. The exposures were taken over a six hour period near the shower's peak. The camera was tracking the dark predawn sky on December 14 from Teide National Park on the Canary Island Tenerife. Though Gemini lies off the top left of the frame, the Milky Way sweeps through the starry background. Sharing the sky below and left of center are recognizable stars and nebulosities of Orion. A yellowish Aldebaran and the Hyades are toward the right along with the Pleiades star cluster. Also a welcome visitor to this night sky, the faint green coma of Comet 46P Wirtanen, closest to Earth this weekend, lies below the Pleiades stars. Dust swept up from the orbit of active asteroid 3200 Phaethon, Gemini's meteors enter Earth's atmosphere traveling at about 35 kilometers per second.

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Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered the five most distant gamma-ray blazars yet known.

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The Tadpole Nebula also known as IC 410, This is a narrow band image of IC410, was taken from my home observatory in Valencia.

SX-46 with and SX Maxi wheel from Starlight Xpress Ltd . format array of 27 x 21.6 mm, 6uM square pixels. Newtonian telescope at at 1330mm. Chroma NB Filters

Integration at F4 30 hours

#Astrophotography #Space #astronomia

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Hi, i'm Chris and i love thinking about the world!
This video is about possible alien life that could evolve in an extreme environment on a planet that is tidally locked with it's parent star, meaning that one side is in permanent darkness and one side in permanent intense sunlight!

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An article published in the journal "Astronomy & Astrophysics" describes a new observation of the R Aquarii binary system, consisting of a red giant of the type called Mira variable and a white dwarf. A team of researchers used that pair of stars as a target for a test of a new subsystem of the SPHERE instrument mounted on ESO's VLT obtaining the clearest image captured so far of the turbulence existing in the system due to the fact that the white dwarf is stealing gas from its companion, worsening its agony.

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