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Looking for an obedient female slaves that is good with breathplay and asphyxiation rp scenarios and doesn't mind my other fetishes


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Name: doesn't have one master may decide
very shy but will do anything to please master
doesn't say much at all
sexuality: straight

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Likes:being a slave and being teased




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i was in a cage in the dark waiting to be throw on stage, after an hour i was whipped in the back and fell on to the stage
seller- "now! who will start the bidding for this rare Gold Tip Neko!?" he made me stand up showing my tail and ears they were both half gold. i looked out in to the crowed crying, scared for my life Seller- come on anyone?
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Any slaves looking for a master on hangouts?(any gender welcome)

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Hello everyone I have just joined this community and I was wondering if anyone would want to rp with a submissive male

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Rp i need an Irish male to be antisepticeye

I am the cat girl sex master x slave rp
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I was waking on a cold night to the cafe to meet some one but they didn't show, I wasn't just waking home now, so I just ordered myself a cup of coffee and sat down relaxing for a bit

you saw me and watched me thinking I was cute, after about half an hour you sat with me and...well we just talked like nothing..

soon you offer to have me for dinner, I accept your offer. But once we got there you drugged me and put a collar on me and made me your slave...

that was two years ago, and recently you said you "loved" me, that night I felt the same and want to tell you. So i walked to your room and heard moans coming from your room and back away. I bit my lip and walked back to my room

the next morning I made your breakfast and waited for you to come down, but I didn't expect you to come down anytime soon. Hours later you finally come down nipping my ear, it sends shivers down my back good morning Mick~ did you think about what I said~ I looked down nodding Oh well what do you say then cutie?~ I shake my head no Oh but why Mick? I grab the table you got me so I could talk to you easier "because I when I was waking by your room I heard no I don't love you master...I'm sorry" I walk to get my coffee but you hit me over the head hard making cry out in pain, you grabbed my tail and pulled me into a dark closet and locked me in it. I scratch on the door crying, I hated the dark and you knew that well. Since i knew I wasn't getting out anytime so I laid down trying to sleep this off

the woman who was with you last night finally came down and kissed your cheek where's that kitty of yours? you sighed softly grabbing coffe misbehaving so I put him in his time out spot... you bit your lip knowing when I get scared enough I hurt myself... You did love me but it was hard since you l the day you kidnapped me because I hated you most of the time

after the woman left you walked over to the closet and opened the door seeing bit marks on my sighed and picked me up walking to your bedroom, you set me down and bandaged my arm up. You sat next to me waiting for me to wake up

((Male master please, rough but yet very kind at times please))
((I'm somewhat mute))

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I was only a month old when your father found my passed out and frozen. Your father picked me up and ran me back to your mansion.

He wrapped me up and blankets and put me next to the fire, you soon walked in or well crawled. You were at least 1 years old. he's gOing to be yours one day, if he'll unfreeze just a bit... you looked at you and petted me softly, I slowly stared to stur and open my eyes shaking hello little one, your going to be ok. Your safe now. I smile weakly
it was your fourth birthday party and your father got you the best party he could get. Which was pretty amazing Hehe this is the best! Mick come on! Cake time! I came running over to you smiling. I had become your fathers and your salve, you both were so kind to me.

a month later your father stared to a date a wealthy women, she was nice at first but as time went on she stared to hit and made me do harder things that I wasn't use to.

one day I said something to her about how I'd tell your father about how she was treating me. So she grabbed me by the ear and pulled me out of the mansion and and screamed at me and slapped me access my face leaving a red mark on my cheek, and told me if I Told anyone she'd put me up for sell. I nodded and ran to my room crying.
your now 18 years old and I'm 17. I live with you now in a small mansion not far from your fathers. He was still kind as ever and you grew up kind, caring and sweet.

we were having a small picnic out side when your father and his girlfriend came up to us. And as fast as our great day stared it was smashed. They told us they we're getting married. You pulled me close knowing I was terrified of her ever since she took my voice away from me.

you let them eat with us and you tell them we were a couple now, you should have a girlfriend.., not a cat boyfriend! she said loudly trying to get your father to agree with her but he didn't care as long as you were happy.
it was the day of the wedding, I tried to stay home but you convinced me to come. You sighed loudly holding me close seeing how badly I was shaking. Mick it's going to be.. Ok..I won't let her touch you..ever. soon it was time for the ceremony, they stared to say their vowels to each other, you look down not wanting to stop this but you also wanted your dad to be happy so you...?

((Seme needed, as said in the rp please kind caring and sweet, I can't talk except for cat sounds))
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