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Who knows this song

Honestly I find it redundant that people play shitty games gta 5 im looking at you cod ww2 and halo 5 are all giant fuck yous not in a se ual way but a fuck you way fuck you war titan for president 2018

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Yep threw a throwing star in my foot and a knife in a tree almost cut my thumb off cut my arm on the fence i think im accident prone

Now now no fighting

Hi, I'm Katsumi Koruhime Schiffer, I'm 15 and my dad is Ulquiorra Schiffer.

I am Iris and I have a twin sister but I live alone

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"Iend and support me so i can protect you with everything i got in me."

Name: ichigo kurosaki jr.
Gender: male
Age: 16 1/2
Height: 171cm
Weight: 40kg
Birthdate: feb 14
Race: Human/ Soul reaper
Ichigo jr is the 2nd top swordman in hueco mundo. Ichigo learn from th other of how to block surprise attacks with the side of his zanpakuto. Every now and then he trys to go up agaist Ulquiorra ending up failing. Ichigo jr learn how to do surprise swing attacks which he swings his zanpakuto by his chain and throws it at his target. Ichigo jr swings when he feel if needed or when he thinks its the right time. Meaning he uses little insist and more of his mind wielding his zanpakuto in fights.

Deadly Darts:Ichigo jr. uses the cloth on his blade to swing his Zanpakutō and toss it at opponents for mid-range combat. The blade moves very fast when thrown, and its impact can damage a building. If the person dodges the attack, ichigo jr. can use the cloth to manage the sword's direction and try to hit the target once more. By gripping the cloth, he withdraws the blade and swings it to attack again.

Hand to hand combat: ichigo jr hand to hand combat experience comes from his past. Ichigo jr normally get pick on for his hair color which lead to him being an eyeball in school causing him to get into fights a lot. Ichigo jr uses surpise hand to hand combat if wielding an zanpakuto to confuse his opponent.

Spiritual Power: Ichigo jr is able to release huge amount of spiritual pressure before going in bankai. He can also do this if anger or shock to his limit which he releases all his pressure until his opponent falls unable to move. ichigo jr spiritual pressure is red.

Speed: Ichigo jr is the quickest one of his family because of his weight. He master shunpo in his first week of training and continues to try to get faster. He uses his speed in order to use surprise attacks against his opponent.

Ichigo jr body in bankai can takes up to five of gestugta tenshous of his (hollowfied) fathers. Ichigo jr. Body is weaker then normal soul reapers which makes his durability alot less.

Weapon: Shirobuke akuma
~Zanpakuto attack~
kurotsuki tenshou:
An wave of red spiritual pressure release from ichigo jr blade. This attack destroys everything in that direction once released. Ichigo jr. Uses this attack when he gather energy and swings the blade saying the name. 

Ichigo jr. Is an over protective person of his freinds and family. Unlike his friend kajiū he fights to win. Ichigo jr. Most of the time is caring and some times charming if needed. He refuses to fight women due to him being agaist women abuse.
Ichigi jr. grew up in the world of the living with his mother orihime and father ichigo. Ichigo jr. Notice how his father would stay out and one day they told him about hollows espada quincys and soul reapers. Soon his father sent him too hueco mundo high school on an freind request to go. There ichigo jr. Unlock and learn about his zanpakuto.

Likes: Bunnys and sweets
Dislike: people who hurt ichigo jf close ones.

Relationship statue: single
Nicknames: baka , ichi

When is the soul reapers transferring in?
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