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The money you spend on candies or your junk foods can help save a dream of presenting a research at the world's top most #optics conference for our classmate Amit Jha. Your #donation can help him more than you imagine as Amit Jha’s paper has been accepted at one of the world’s most prestigious optics conferences: SPIE Optics +Photonics 2017. But this is only, half the battle won. Coming from an economically challenged lower middle class family in India, self-funding his trip to the US is a distant dream. We, being his close friends, cannot bear to see his dream of presenting the paper being crushed in front of our eyes. That is why, I come to you with the humble request of donating any amount you find suitable, for this noble cause.
#Optics #Photonics #crowdfunding #tech #innovation #PeertoPeerLending

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New Arrivals at Check them out and save 25% through midnight with code NewArrivals16 at checkout! Our profits from the Apparel Division help Sponsor Veteran Athletes!

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After 8 months of preparing to turn this idea into a reality, I am proud to announce the launch of our website. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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Congratulations are in order! Meet the first ever Rivalry Athlete of the Week!

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Départ à bord de la 2cv numéro 61 du Trophée de Bourgogne le 1 Mai 2016 au circuit du Prénois à Dijon

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Created on April 14, 2016

Shanice Charles 

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Hey friends and family. As you know my baby girl has just passed. For those of you that don't know her story she was born at 25weeks 1 day due to me having an incompetent cervix. Pregnancy was rough and very scary but against all odds she was born alive and well enough to fight for her life. I gave birth to this angel December 19, 2015 she weighed in at 1lb 6oz. She was and still till this day holds the title of our miracle baby. Our little angel was suppose to be born April 1, 2016 which made her about 3 1/2 months early. She fought long and hard for about 4 months in the NICU. Where daddy and I visited everyday no matter what the circumstances were. There were some days scarier than others but above all she made it through and managed to come home with us on April 8, 2016 (7 days after her actual due date) April 10th was Mommys birthday and let me tell you all, we could not have been any happier she shared that moment with us! April 12th she had her very first pediatric appt. and her dr told us that everything seemed good. & she now weighed in at 6lbs 7oz!!!! The very next morning she was up for her 6:30a.m. feeding and cried a storm for her bottle. Daddy gave her sweet kisses all over her face and told us both how much he loved us as he went off to work. About 31/2 hrs later as she was lying on my chest surprisingly not crying for her food. I noticed her heart rate had dropped to 68 which she's never really had a problem with in the past. I immediately started tapping her to wake her up but noticed her body was limp. I then started to perform cpr and yell for help but it was only us 2 home. Medics showed up not even 5 minutes later and attempted recessitating her but no luck. The whole drive to the hospital was traumatic but I still had so much hope in her, seeing how long and hard she's fought. About 20 mins later I heard them say our baby girl didn't make it. Dad and I had just finished getting her things she needed for home and traveling and now our baby girl is gone...only 5days after being home with us. Out of all the pain I'm feeling right now. I am honored that she said her final goodbye on my chest, where she always seemed most content. Any help will greatly be appreciated for helping with her funeral. To my beautiful baby if your spirit still lingers around me...hear me when I say I love you. Daddy and I think of you every minute. We will never forget you... xoxoxo


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As you know, motor racing generates costs and we are currently looking for partners to carry out this project.

Thus, we seek the support of companies that could help us, either in the form of donations in equipment, either as financial assistance.

It goes without saying that we will post your name and logo on all communication materials related to this event: t-shirts, banners, posters ...

We are at your disposal to present this project in more detail.

In the hope that you will be sensitive to this request, I beg you to receive, Madam, Sir, the assurance of our highest consideration.
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