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Please naija people we are to notify you that the picture you are seeing here which is the picture of a new buscuit has been announced that we should abstain from it for now because it has been suspected harmful to the body. "He that hath an ear let him what the spirit speaketh"

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A man was charged to court by his neighbors for raping his daughter and his case was forwarded to a court then in the court here is the conversation the confirmation between the Judge and the man
Judge: mister man

Man: yes my lord

Judge: are you mister swagger whose case was forwarded to this great court yesterday?

Man: my lord, point of correction this court is not a great court so dont be an hypocrete. Then about the question you are asking you little servant i think you should be wise enough to use your sense since you have the file containing my offense before you why do you need to ask me again?

Judge: (was suprised and could not close his mouth, he became silent for a little while and after the little silence he said) hmmmm (clears his troat) ok my master please sir is it true you raped your daughter?

Man: who came to tell you?

Judge: sorry sir i dont mean any harm i am very sorry.

Man:(felt happy and glad that the case will be over very soon)

Judge: (banged the table and said)................
What do you think will be the finall judgement?
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