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"Remember, the first and only reality of the Sith: there can only be two. And you are no longer my apprentice."

―Darth Sidious

⁃ Sheev Palpatine (True Identity)
⁃ Darth Sidious (Sith Identity)

[Race]: Human

[Gender]: Male

[Eye Color]:
⁃ Blue (as Sheev Palpatine)
⁃ Yellow (as Darth Sidious/Emeperor Palpatine)

[Hair Color]: Red, later white

[Homeworld]: Naboo

⁃ Senator (as Sheev Palpatine)
⁃ Supreme Chancellor (as Sheev Palpatine)
⁃ Sith Lord (as Darth Sidious)
⁃ Galactic Emperor

⁃ Sith
⁃ Royal House of Naboo
⁃ Galactic Republic
⁃ Galactic Senate
⁃ Kalpana's Party
⁃ Loyalists Committee
⁃ Trade Federation
⁃ Confederacy of Independent Systems
⁃ Galactic Empire
⁃ Imperial Senate

[Weapons]: Red-bladed Lightsaber (x2)

[Abilities and Skills]:
As the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith in his time, Palpatine was incredibly powerful in the Force. He was a master practitioner of Force lightning, and was known to use this power both as a deadly attack, and as a means of torture. He was also skilled with telekinesis; during his duel with Yoda, he levitated several Senate pods simultaneously, including the one he was standing on, with great dexterity and accuracy. Likewise, he was skilled enough with telekinesis that he was also able to remove Luke Skywalker's handcuffs while barely even lifting his finger when meeting face to face on the second Death Star. On Mandalore, he used telekinesis to strangle several Mandalorians to death and pin both Darth Maul and Savage Opress against a wall.

Darth Sidious was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing the power to see his plots to fruition, ensuring that all would proceed as he had envisioned. Furthermore, Sidious was able to conceal his inner darkness from the Jedi for many years before allowing himself to be discovered, which was vital to his plot to overthrow the Republic. His power was so great that he managed to cloud the Jedi's vision, making it exceedingly difficult to predict future events. The Dark Lord also possessed knowledge of Sith magic, allowing him to utter incantations in the Balc speech, as well as knowledge of the ancient Sith tongue. The Dark Lord was also adept in the use of Force Persuade.

Despite his frail appearance, Sidious was incredibly skilled in lightsaber combat, being one of the greatest duelists of all time. As a result of his tremendous skill, he slew Agen Kolar and Saesee Tiin—who were considered to be two of the finest lightsaber duelists of their time—each with a single blow, and while also engaged with Mace Windu, he slew the formidable Nautolan Kit Fisto only moments later. He also put up a ferocious fight against Mace Windu, but was eventually disarmed by the latter, though with extreme effort. Later on, Sidious held his own against Yoda in a lightsaber duel, but in the end he forced the Grand Master to flee with his Force powers rather than his lightsaber. Sidious had an extremely aggressive dueling style and augmented his swordplay by using Force-enhanced speed, which allowed him to defeat three experienced Jedi Masters at once with very little effort. His style was a combination of brutal aggression and lethal precision making him an almost unstoppable opponent. In fact, the only person known to have defeated him in a duel was Mace Windu.

Although Sidious usually used only one lightsaber, he was also a master of Jar'Kai, wielding both of his lightsabers against Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Utilizing a ferocious yet fluid fighting style, Sidious fended off both brothers simultaneously, and though they put up a considerable fight, Sidious ultimately defeated them relatively easily, killing Savage and disarming Maul. He could also use Form V.

[Personality and Traits]:
Prior to the creation of his Empire, Palpatine was careful to put on a charade, presenting himself as a grandfatherly gentleman and a servant of the public good. When in character, he always tried to avoid ostentation and often spoke of himself with great modesty. However, Palpatine was in fact a skilled manipulator and strategist, having orchestrated countless events in the galaxy, from the Invasion of Naboo to the Clone Wars, with the sole aim of increasing his own power. Even when something occurred that he did not initially plan for, the Sith Lord could rework his plans effectively.

After his ascension to Galactic Emperor, Palpatine renounced his public persona and started living as Sidious full-time, though a very few people knew he was a Sith, such as his apprentice Darth Vader and some of his Royal Guards, while Wilhuff Tarkin only suspected it. Freed from his gentle alter-ego, Palpatine demonstrated sadistic tendencies, but nonetheless largely remained out of the public spotlight forcing body doubles and fake processions to go about their business on the Imperial Center in an effort to make it appear that the Emperor moved about in public. Wishing to rule his Empire for eternity, Sidious established Project Blackwing in an attempt to unlock the secrets of immortality through Sith alchemy, only to have the result end up in failure after its viral agent fell out of hand. Years later, immediately before his death at the hands of Vader, the Emperor smiled at the young Jedi as he prepared to finish him off, a trait exhibited throughout his life as he seemingly took pleasure in the pain of others. He was also noted for his lack of forgiveness. Darth Vader, who was known for murdering the officers who had failed him in cold blood, considered Palpatine to be even less clement than himself. According to Sosha Soruna, the reason Palpatine left his homeworld of Naboo relatively untouched during his reign was because he enjoyed tormenting the populace with the fact that he could destroy the serene beauty of the planet at anytime. In spite of his exceptional mastery of the dark arts, he was no less susceptible to fear, one of the primary emotions of the dark side, than any other Sith: after being attacked by a powerful Force push from Yoda, he displayed visible panic, attempting to flee rather than fight, and only confronted his opponent when he appeared to have no other choice.

Unlike his more conservative apprentice, Darth Vader, Sidious believed that progress was in no way contrary to the ways of the Sith. When Vader was presented to the cyborgs created by Doctor Cylo, he denounced them as abominations and heresy to the ways of the Force. However, Sidious claimed that he was merely an apprentice and was meant to learn what he knew, and that Sidious was meant to discover what there was to teach. He also dismissed Vader's hatred of technological superiority by replying that everything was of the Force.

Darth Sidious was a human male Dark Lord of the Sith who served as the last Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic and as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire, and was the last reigning Dark Lord of the Sith under Darth Bane's Rule of Two. Sidious, born as Sheev Palpatine, was trained in the dark side of the Force by Darth Plagueis. Eventually, Sidious took on his own apprentice, Darth Maul, and killed his master. As he continued to train Maul, Sidious came into contact with Count Dooku of Serenno, a member of the Jedi Order, who helped further Sidious' plans. In his public persona, Sidious was the unassuming Senator Palpatine of Naboo, a position he used to manipulate galactic events to his own design.

Thirteen years before his Imperial ascent, Sidious engineered the Invasion of Naboo and used the political crisis as a pretext to being elected Supreme Chancellor by the Galactic Senate. With Maul's defeat at the hands of the Jedi, Sidious was in need of a new apprentice. Dooku left the Jedi Order and was bestowed the title "Darth Tyranus" by Sidious. Together, they formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems to spark a galactic civil war. As Chancellor Palpatine, Sidious was given sweeping central, emergency powers to handle the Separatist crisis, and he raised the Grand Army of the Republic to fight the Clone Wars. The clone troopers in the Grand Army had been secretly commissioned by the Sith, and each contained a bio-chip with a preprogrammed protocol to eliminate the Jedi, the sworn enemies of the Sith, when the order was given.

At the war's end, Sidious had gained almost total control over the Republic. With his new power, Sidious branded the Jedi as traitors and ordered the clones to execute Order 66, thus destroying the Jedi Order. With the Jedi destroyed, Sidious declared himself Emperor and transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire. Sidious also turned Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, to the dark side and anointed him Darth Vader. Over the next several years, Sidious transferred the daily management of the Empire to a Ruling Council and spent much of his time in an ancient Sith shrine beneath the Imperial Palace, attempting to use the dark side to reshape the Force to his own ends.

Meanwhile, the Empire expanded across the galaxy, including the building of the Death Star to maintain order and act as a symbol of fear. However, the Rebel Alliance was formed to resist Sidious' rule, and the Death Star was destroyed by Luke Skywalker. Sidious tasked Vader, Skywalker's father, with either destroying or turning the boy, and Vader ultimately brought Skywalker before his master during the Battle of Endor. There, Sidious attempted to turn Skywalker to the dark side, but Skywalker refused. As Sidious attempted to kill Luke, Vader was redeemed and turned on his master, killing himself and Sidious in the process. Through redemption, Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Sith, while the Rebels successfully destroyed the Death Star II.
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Name: Kor'an Josk

Nickname: Adenn Buir

Age: 30

Affiliation: Himself, Cuy'val Dar, Republic, His men

Rank: Sargent like most Cuy'val Dar

Skills: Strategy, Marksmanship, Hand to Hand Combat, Stealth

Force sensitivity: No

Weapons: DE-10 Blaster Pistol, DC-15x Sniper Rifle, DC-19 "Stealth"  Carbine, Vibro Dagger, and any grenades he has on him at the time.

Armor: White Mandalorian Armor

Faction: Republic, Republic Spec Ops, Himself, Cuy'val Dar

Appearance: Pics

Species: Human (Mandalorian)

Personality: Loyal to himself and his men, Honor Bound, Protective, Couragous

Ship: A Black and White Modified Z-95 Headhunter

Bio: Born and raised on Mandalore most of his life. During that time he learned what most kids in the Mandalorian Culture learned which was combat, survival skills, and more. At the age of 20 he got married to Lorian Sala and they both had a son and daughter. Both Kor'an and Lorian agreed to train their kids in the ancient Mandalorian ways because at this point the whole culture abandoned it's warrior ways and took up more peaceful ways. At the age of 26 Kor'an took his kids with him out into the wild to start there training, but before the 1 year mark he was visited by Jango Fett and Jango gave him the offer of being a Cuy'val Dar. Knowing what it would mean to be a Cuy'val Dar Kor'an refused Jango Fett respectively and went back to training his kids. Only a month passed when Kor'an got bad news and that news was a rouge group of Mandalorians part of the "dead" Death Watch cell were raiding where Kor'an lived. Kor'an gave his kids to a close friend who he called sister and he went back to his home. By the time Kor'an got to his home is was gone and he saw his wife hung up and physically abused in everyway possible. Kor'an at that moment swore he would avenge his wife. It only took him a week to hunt all the Mandalorians who took part in his wife's killings. After that Jango Came back and gave the same offer. This time Kor'an kindly accepted because he knew he couldn't face his kids because of what he did. At the age of 27 Kor'an arrived on Kamino and began training Commandos. During that time he favored 4 commandos whose nicknames were Raze, Oak, Blaze, and Bact. After the training was done Kor'an stayed on Kamino for 2 years training more clones in certain skills. He trained mostly shadow troopers and ARF troopers during these two years. He also kept track of the 4 he favored. Another year had passed and Kor'an felt it was time to leave Kamino and to go and fight for the Republic and to check on the four he favored. To this day Kor'an can be seen either on Coruscant or with Zeta Squad which are formed up of the four commandos he favored.
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Its the year 21 BBY,Kamino is getting attacked by asajj ventress and grievous' droids are marching in,they start shooting the clones as they make blood curtiling screams that made jammy's skin crawl the we hear the clank of droid footsteps,the blood of my fallen brothers are on my armor neyo and jammy are the only clones left (jammy is the first and neyo is the second photo) neyo being a medic is checking the clones as jammy is keeping guard "we need back up" jammy says into his intercom just as he says that droids come in and they take cover (open to republic)
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