хорошим настроением на весь год

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не пропустим смупфов )))
Абракадабра! Летіть із зеленою командою на Світовий Цукерковий Кубок! #GoogleDoodle

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Ingress next generation

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Fool's day

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Последнее от моего "любимого" зелёного игрока.
Hello, +NIA Ops 

I suspect that in Odessa, Ukraine (coordinates: 46.486603°, 30.687060°) exists L8 ENL farm place (2 RAREHS + 2 RAREMH) that was created by 8 multiple accounts / bots after L8 RES farm in that place was destroyed multiple times by ENL agents. 
That is done so ENL agents cannot destroy a farm which is used by RES agents every day
There is no enough ADA refactors to destroy such portals every time
L8E agents for L8 farm:@nkvd102, @luckytjger, @luckyTIGER, @VaGRiZz, @Hennelora, @shuraviWZW, @begenech, @Damilolla

In my opinion that agents looks like typical multiaccounts, I cann't see them playing anywhere anytime.
Below you may find reports ID’s:
[4-3831000006453] nkvd102
[6-2447000006433] luckytjger
[3-8585000006501] luckyTIGER
[5-5199000006479] VaGRiZz
[5-1163000006689] Hennelora
[3-6862000006476] shuraviWZW
[5-2534000006476] begenech
[8-5895000006498] Damilolla

Kindly ask you to check this situation and help to improve integrity of Ingress in Odessa.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brian Rose 
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