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B.S.O. La venta del paraíso. 2013.

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Please enter your song details in the attached form if you would like to launch an online music competition and invite musicians to perform your songs. We may be able to sponsor some of your competitions when the site is launched!

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Mientras esperamos  concursar en el  New York City Film Festival comparto el video de la ranchera del Final de la película.

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A new video of the Film: La Venta del Paraiso.
El sueño español.
Que lo disfruten. Enjoy !!!
El sueño español

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Hello everybody
It´s a song of my last film
la venta del paraíso
Corazón asustado

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Other song of my Film´s La venta del Paraiso

  Mozart, Bach and Beethoven have become household names in the genre of orchestral composers. These classics can sometimes make it difficult for a contemporary composer to break into the music world. Musicians often times prefer to perform a classical piece because it is more appealing to naïve listeners. This further increases the difficulty for new composers to get recognition.

  99Composers is an online platform designed for contemporary composers. After developing an original piece, composers can create a performance contest. Musicians play the composer’s piece and compete to win prize money. The platform aims to provide new composers with a broader audience. With the incentive of prize money, more musicians will see, read and play a score. But the benefits are not limited to only composers. Musicians can boost their reputation by winning contests as well as increase recognition by sharing their performances on Facebook or other social media. There are many possibilities for composers and musicians to gain recognition and experience through the 99Composers platform because it is unlike other music competitions. 

  99Composers is different from traditional contests in that it offers significant benefits for competitors. Because the contest is held over an online platform, performances are not in real time- musicians can submit their best performance. The judges are the composers themselves and give feedback throughout the competition. Based on feedback received, a musician can improve their rendition and resubmit it.

  It is understandable that many beginning composers may not be financial able to fund a contest. 99Composers offers a donation option to which the composer’s friends can support the contest. With this option, a considerable amount can be collected, making the contest more attractive to musicians. Soon to include contests for singers and songwriters, 99Composers offers unique opportunity for composers and musicians to propel their passion to the next level!
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