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The Indie+Leadership team would like to thank all our followers and viewers for your support over the years. We are not planning to make any new content moving forward, but we also know to never say never.

The community will remain open and continue to be moderated.

Thanks again!

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Codex - Chrome 2 will be $5 USD when it hits DriveThruRPG next month. HOWEVER, if The Gauntlet can get to 2,020 Twitter followers by tomorrow at 10 AM Eastern, they will make this issue of their zine FREE for ten days prior to that. The Gauntlet Twitter account is @GauntletRPG

Chrome 2 features: Veil 2020, a slimmed-down, retro version of Fraser Simons's cyberpunk game The Veil; Full Throttle, a rules supplement and starter scenario for Robert Nolan's outlaw biker gang game 1%er; Body//Hack, a 1-player journaling game by Kira Magrann about learning to live with your new cybernetic body part; Three Dozen Cyberware Glitches and Malfunctions; a bunch of fabulous illustrations; and a beautiful custom layout by Oli Jeffery.

To get it for FREE, help The Gauntlet get to 2,020 Twitter followers by tomorrow morning! Tell everyone you know to follow them @GauntletRPG

Please re-share!

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There are only 9 hours left to back the Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter campaign. This is a one and done book—don’t miss out!

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Codex Kickstarter Ending Soon!

There are only 3 days left to back Codex Volume 1 on Kickstarter! At just $50 USD, this book is a FANTASTIC value. With the stretch goals we have unlocked so far, you're getting:

-A hardcover book collecting the first 13 issues of the Codex tabletop roleplaying game zine plus the best-selling Discern Realities Annual Dungeon World zine.

-300+ full-color pages on 150 gsm paper (that's really good!), a spot UV finish, and a bookmark.

-Additional content for games like Urban Shadows, The Sprawl, Monster of the Week, Malandros, Lovecraftesque, The Final Girl, 6d6, Lady Blackbird, Cheat Your Own Adventure, The Veil, Apocalypse World and, most of all, Dungeon World.

-Many original games: Called, The Society for Vegan Sorcerers, Wind on the Path, Rituals, The Madness of Cú Chulainn, Timegasm, Reset, Turning, Overlooked, Tonight Only!: Soundcheck Presents…, Mechanical Oryx, Route Clearance, Memories, Heroes and Crystal Kingdoms, Keepers of Antarra, Bunk Beds, and So You’re Becoming a Dragon

-Digital stretch goals that expand popular independent tabletop roleplaying games such as Lovecraftesque, Night Witches, and Monsterhearts 2!

This book is a celebration of tabletop roleplaying games and a love letter to the Codex zine (and all the folks who have contributed to it over the years). But we're only going to do a single print run—once they're gone, they're gone!

Check out the campaign, and if you have any questions, please let me know!

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The Gauntlet is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a hardcover collection of the first 13 issues of our magazine, Codex. We are getting close to unlocking a very exciting new stretch goal: Night Witches: Koldunya!

Koldunya is being written by +Jason Morningstar himself and will be the first major expansion for his critically-acclaimed Night Witches. Here is Jason's description:

Religion was brutally suppressed in the pre-war Soviet Union, but both Orthodoxy and syncretic folk ways survived. The women of the 588th were a mix of true believers, cultural Christians, and atheists. All of them were familiar with the superstitious magic of the Russian countryside, and whether they believed in it or not, it was suffused in the air they breathed. Witches - koldunya - were real, and they could heal and curse. Even the staunchest Soviet atheist and most rational technocrat would think twice before crossing the path of one. Of course magic isn’t real, but intention is everything...

Night Witches: Koldunya adds two new Natures and a whole suite of witchcraft moves to the game. It gives you a background on religion and anti-religious efforts in the Soviet Union before the war, and allows you to add a strange and surreal veneer to your game.

The Jackdaw is a gregarious, easily distracted lover of light - a healer and soothsayer. The Nightjar, in contrast, is a solitary creature of darkness, often reviled and capable of great mischief. Both are koldunya, and both are full-fledged pilots and navigators within the regiment. Will they use their gifts in the service of God, the devil, the 588th or comrade Stalin?

We would love your help in making both the book and this incredible stretch goal a reality. Please give the campaign a look!
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Codex - Flame is now available!

Codex - Flame is now in The Gauntlet’s $4+ Patreon feed. Flame is the first issue in Volume 3, and I think this the the best issue of Codex yet! If this is what Volume 3 is going to be like, I think we all have a lot to look forward to.

Codex has always been a terrific mirror of The Gauntlet community—the games we’re playing, the games we’re creating, the PEOPLE playing and creating them, the beauty—and Codex - Flame continues that tradition in a huge way.

The issue starts with that jaw-dropping cover by our new cover artist, Chris Spence. Chris has a tough act to follow in Claudia Cangini, whose Codex covers are iconic, but this first cover is an amazing start. It’s very different from Claudia’s work in terms of style, but like hers, it is distinctly his—and distinctly Codex.

The non-Miscellany features in Codex - Flame are entirely original games, and each encapsulates the issue’s theme of love, loss, and glorious failure.

The first is Fire Ships at Midnight by Tyler Lominack. This story game tells the tale of the failed invasion of England by the Spanish Armada in 1588. It’s for three players, with each player playing a composite character that represents various social tensions in and around Spain at the time of the invasion: The Duke of Medina Sidonia, Cardinal Ribera, and Captain Salazar. The game is played over several phases, with each containing problems to be either overcome or endured, with each character competitively angling for certain types of solutions and outcomes. But intriguingly, what’s at stake is not whether any particular action is a success, but rather, how each of the men will be received when they return to Spain. It’s a fascinating game and I can’t wait for folks to check it out. It features original art by Anna Aphelion.

The next game is A Hand Full of Ashes. It’s a LARP by David Rothfeder about grief and letting go. In it, you are people attending the wake of a character from a book, and as you confront and resolve various issues you had with the character in life, you tear out pages from a copy of the book and burn them in a real fire. One the game’s neatest tricks is how you use the back of the book’s dust jacket to eulogize the dead character. All in all, it’s a really neat exploration of subject matter that is not often interrogated in games. It features art by Devon Serket.

After that comes Like Matches to Paper Dolls by Sidney Icarus and Jesse Ross. This is a play-by-post (as in mail post) game where one character reaches out to another, a person they used to be in love with, to see if there can be anything between them. The players send letters to each other, back and forth, inspired by prompts connected to a set of paper dolls, which are also sent back and forth. I think this line from the game sums up what it’s all about: “Do you feel moved and loved?… If you do not, don’t answer anything. Instead, take all they sent you and burn it. Collect the ashes and send them.” This one features art by Cecilia Ferri.

Finally is our tried and true Miscellany section, this time entitled “Three Dozen Separated Lovers.” Ryan McNeil is doing a fabulous job of curating the Miscellany; this is his best work yet in that regard.

Codex - Flame is, simply, a triumph. Huge thanks and congrats to Jake Householder for their dazzling layout, Lauren McManamon for the sharp edits, and the entire Codex Team for their hard work.

You can get the PDF of Codex - Flame in The Gauntlet’s $4+ Patreon feed right now!
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Somehow, I don't think this has been posted here yet, but apologies if it has.

Paul is moving... and he could use our helping relieving him of some Clay That Woke.
If you've wanted a physical copy of The Clay That Woke for your collection now is the time.

I'm moving soon across the country, and my little 3' x 4' storage locker is jammed with copies of The Clay That Woke, mailing and packaging supplies, and printing supplies for other projects, and I need to seriously reduce it. Please help me out. I'm putting physical copies of The Clay That Woke on sale at a super reduced price of $14.99.

If I can sell 150 copies in the next ten or twelve days it would cut my storage space of books and mailing supplies by almost half and the money would really help with the (shockingly expensive) moving costs.

Thank you. Please reshare wherever you talk with gamers who might be interested.

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Beneath the swamps of the Third Strata, lies the Fourth Strata. It's many rivers are fed by the falling water from the Third Strata's swamps. The rivers are not the kind, gentle streams found higher up in the Great Chasm, oh no. They are raging torrents of water that slice through the land, cutting through ground and rock!

It is also where the richest artifact finds are made! As the rivers cut through the soil, they uncover ruins and caches of ancient items. And many artifacts. And the richest source is the Lost City of Vidra. The waters uncover it in one location and then bury it, only for it to appear somewhere else.

This is the domain of the Black Cloak Masters, it is full of wonder and danger. Are you strong enough to explore it's rocky islands amongst the rapids?

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Gauntlet Con 2018 is right around the corner!

Gauntlet Con 2018 is an online ttrpg convention to be held October 18th-21st. Due to the generosity of Gauntlet Patreon supporters, it only costs $5 for the general public to attend!

We have over 200 game sessions on the schedule, and Thursday will be dedicated to our on-demand system, Gauntlet Games Now. Click on the link below to find the full schedule and get information on how to register (pro tip: when viewing the game schedule, click on the All Events Info tab to see everything in a sortable table).

Gauntlet Con is a terrific opportunity to try out new games, and to do so with a group of people who truly understand how to get the most out of online play (we successfully organize over 1,500 online game sessions per year on our Gauntlet Hangouts platform). Give it a shot! Worst-case scenario: you're out a few bucks.

If you have any questions, let me know!
Gauntlet Con
Gauntlet Con

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The Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter is Live!

Codex is a fantastic, cutting-edge roleplaying game zine published by The Gauntlet Gaming Community. This Kickstarter is to fund a hardcover book collecting the first 13 issues of the zine. For folks who aren’t familiar, you can actually download 2 FREE ISSUES from the Kickstarter page.

The standard pledge is $50. That gets you one copy of the hardcover book plus the digital collection and stretch goals. We have a discounted tier for folks who already own the PDFs (or who don’t care about getting the PDFs). That discounted tier is just $35 (!!!) but there are a limited number of backer spots.

We hope you’ll take a look! If you have any questions, let me know!
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