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The Indie+Leadership team would like to thank all our followers and viewers for your support over the years. We are not planning to make any new content moving forward, but we also know to never say never.

The community will remain open and continue to be moderated.

Thanks again!

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Another playtest, new discoveries, and asking, "To Grit, or Not to Grit?"
Another playtest, new discoveries, and asking, "To Grit, or Not to Grit?"

I am thinking of getting back into RPG writing/publishing, and I'm wondering what to do first. I have an old project to which I own the rights, and I've been wondering about redoing (I'll have to do the full text again) and I'm thinking of doing it multi-system. I've seen people on DriveThru release multiple versions for multiple systems as opposed to a single multi-system book (such as the shamefully forgotten Omlevex).

What other investments do I have to make to get started? I don't have a lot of money to get started.

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Come news about Evolution Pulse!

- PDF updated with fixed typos and clarity.
- POD process started, on the way to be up and running in a few days.
Evolution Pulse, English Edition is now updated (for typos and clarity), and POD process officially started!

I've been working on something for Fate for a while with +Jacob Possin, and we're just about at the stage where we could use an editor to go over, make sure errors we can't catch are caught, and help with wording (for clarity, ease of reading, etc...), but I have no clue as to what sort of expense to expect for that.

I also am considering hiring someone for art, rather than doing it myself, but.... that would require Kickstarting to pay for, and the tricky thing is, all the Kickstarters I've seen have some art already. Seems like a Catch 22.
So I could use some suggestions on approaching that.
I could just do the art myself, but I'm not entirely sure mine is right for this project, and don't feel the need to rely on my own art for everything I work on.

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At this point I am trying to determine what Copyright License I will apply to the Elthos RPG Rules Book. The way I want it to work is that people can use it to create settings, and then if they wish to sell them on their own sites or elsewhere, so long as people provide an attribution to Elthos. I am considering using the Creative Commons license for this, but my lawyer sends me this information based on her research:

The Creative Commons license is indeed enforceable in courts as an intellectual property grant, this just means that the license is valid and recognized by the courts as generating in the intellectual property framework, so no I would not say its “legal junk food” or anything of the sort. So in practice this is good for licensees, in that as long as they follow the directions of the license they have a valid right to use the materials.

Where I see issues with this for you is that it is broad in that it includes the right to reproduce, distribute, publicly display, publicly perform and adapt the material. It seems like this would be broader than what you desire for your Rules Book, people could copy it and sell it themselves under this license as long as they give you attribution. As I said earlier this is enforceable in court. Another potential issue is downstream rights, so if the Rules Book is shared under the license it automatically comes with permission for the recipient once removed to do the same, it might defeat the purpose of selling the copies. There is also no choice of law/forum provision so if you were to litigate it potentially have to do it outside New York.

So it seems from this there isn't a way to use the Creative Commons the way I wish, and therefore I may need to have a license agreement drafted for it (at some considerable expense in legal fees).

I'm wondering if there are any additional thoughts people might like to share on this question. I know a lot of RPG publishers are using the Creative Commons. Are they aware that this gives purchasers the right to sell their works? Does that matter to them? Or is there something else I need to know about Creative Commons that is not apparent at this point?

Thanks for any thoughts you may have on this.

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What would you consider the necessary reading list for a beginner RPG designer? RPG Design 101 bibles, fundamental and art defining works, important articles and paradigms of thinking?

I'm aware that the mantra of a designer should be "read other people's games" and I agree wholeheartedly, but doing primary research is only a part of studying. I am looking for good secondary sources, compilations, especially ones that you consider indispensable.

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Promotion time! The Kickstarter for my new RPG, Age of Anarchy, is 80% funded. Huzzah, but not quite there yet, and I want to announce some juicy stretch goals.

Age of Anarchy is a historical game set in a period of civil war in Norman England, where the player characters serve a patron lord or lady, helping them grow in power and influence- and in so doing, grow with them. The patron mechanics allow grant shared goals, and chart the patron's rise or fall in status. And it's an exciting era full of intrigue and conflict.

If you back, you can immediately download a complete draft of the game.

I got the OK to showcase indi/story games at our next TempleCon. I am very excited, but also sober to the fact that this going to be A LOT of work. I plan on using the Games On Demand model: not only in format, but most importantly in it's ethos of openness, inclusion, collaboration and welcoming.

I'm exhilarated that both I and most important Templecon are fully committed to making this be the best it can be.

More to come. 

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Boosting the signal
Aggressive Inclusivity

So I'm developing an all-new edition/version/core rules set, Cortex Prime, and while the spine and muscles of it are pretty much a solo effort I'm looking ahead to a Kickstarter that should include works by other people. Other designers.

This is that weird thing where I'm like, I would really like to hire people who do not look like me to write, design, and create settings and rules plug-ins for the game, and pay them well for it, but they also need to know the game.

So if you are or you know women, PoC, LGBTQ/NB folk, designers and writers who have loved or still love Marvel Heroic, Leverage, Smallville, or Firefly, and you think they or you can handle my laid-back Kiwi management style and produce rock-solid shit-hot awesome work for me on a not-terrible schedule, let me know.

Drop me an email at seth AT magic-vacuum DOT com with your enthusiastic vision. I want to help you help me make it happen.

(Permission granted to share this around. Originally shared it to my Circles. Sorry about that.)
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