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The Indie+Leadership team would like to thank all our followers and viewers for your support over the years. We are not planning to make any new content moving forward, but we also know to never say never.

The community will remain open and continue to be moderated.

Thanks again!

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Where I poll you, dear readers, on settings
Oh No, Not You Again
Ok, boys and girls, it's Poll Time! For those of you not in the know, my game system began as a generic RPG; no setting, just the mechanics.  This was a departure from the norm for me, as I'm usually the one pushing story and fluff over the crunchy bits.  T...

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The Gauntlet has a new free issue of Codex available on our website. Codex - Madness includes a ton of great original game material and artwork (including that incredible cover by +Claudia Cangini).

If you're interested in writing for Codex, drop me a line at 

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My newest game, Rainbow World is available on DriveThruRPG.

It's a GMless world-building game that uses an economy of candy (earned by entertaining your fellow players and spent to create world-changing events) to generate the history of a fictional world on piles of index cards. It's a short game, usually between 30 to 60 minutes. It's also pretty darn cheap, at $2 for a well laid-out PDF with original art.

If you've enjoyed games like Microscope, The Quiet Year, or Dawn of Worlds, I hope you'll take a look at Rainbow World.

I need a bit of help completing a few lists of things for a game I'm developing ... a Hard Old School thing with a gmLess twist XD
The default reference is a dungeon but it should potentially also fit any kind of finite/labyrinthine location: a city, a forest, a castle, a cave, a sewer, a tomb, etc

I need ideas, and some feedback (do you find them interesting? inspiring? fun?). What I have so far is:

a Passage
1 ascending
2 descending
3 twisting
4 forking
5 dangerous
6 ???

an Area
1 small
2 big
3 vast
4 different
5 dangerous
6 ???

a Special location
1 the way out
2 ???
3 the vilest enemy
4 the richest treasure
5 the hardest trial
6 the quest goal

an Obstacle
Something in the way and:
1 natural
2 complex
3 manufactured
4 simple
5 broken
6 ???

an Oddity
Something conspicuous and:
1 alluring
2 alarming
3 out of place
4 old
5 new
6 alive

a Threat
Something is dangerous:
1 trap
2 creature
3 environment
4 ???
5 ???
6 ???

- - - - - -

I also need one more thing for this other list.
It's meant to somehow boil down a whole "class" into a single skill/activity/action :
1 fighting (warrior)
2 finding (ranger)
3 knowing (scholar)
4 tinkering (rogue)
5 persuading (bard)
6 ???

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+1 Forward running The Veil

If you haven't tried this 30-40 minute short (~15-20 minutes) podcast, you're in for a treat. +Richard Rogers​​​​ does a great job of interviewing Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) game designers to get a feel for their games, and then they run a quick 5-10 minutes of the game.

Rich is always entertaining and a fantastic player, and The Veil is definitely an unusual PbTA game in that in order to make a move you have to describe what your emotional state is (Sad, Mad, Peaceful, etc.), which in turn defines your modifier. That's not even getting into how evocative the playbooks are for this game, or the basis for the cyberpunk setting: a world where everyone has neurochips that overlay an augmented reality onto the physical world.

Let's just say it's mindboggling the kinds of stories you can tell with this game, and +1 Forward is great for giving you that tantalizing taste.

Check it out!

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This update from the Companions' Tale Kickstarter may of interest to game design friends. We delve into how we set up our prologue (and the use of leading questions to create content), and how we use cards (and how its haptics lend themselves to good effects).

ETA: I think that these two topics (good/creative leading questions, and how to use cards in game design) are design patterns I like a lot in other RPGs, so... please feel free to discuss further!

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There is a new free issue of the Gauntlet’s RPG zine, Codex, available on our website! Codex - Dark includes:

Called, a creepy, candle-based micro game by +Wendy Gorman.

The Conjuration, a scenario and hack of Brett Gillan’s The Final Girl by +Oli Jeffery.

Pizza Time!, a starter for +Becky Annison and +Joshua Fox's excellent story game, Lovecraftesque.

Plunged Into Darkness, a supers/noir 6d6 scenario by +Jaye Foster.

Three dozen seedy taverns

Six pieces of original art!

For more information about Codex, and to get the free issue, just go here:
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