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Hi guys! As a lot of people already know, we've changed the Global XF-CC chat a bit, to help with bots and spammers. This is the link for the XF-CC lobby. Follow the directions once you join the chat, and let us know if you would also like any other XF-CC chapter (country) chats, and we will process you from there. 💙💚

Will there be anyone coming to Vancouver for the anomaly on Saturday to represent the XF?

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Just wanted to share this.
Baconomaly xfac tool:

So the tool is 2 forms and a sheet used for checking agents in or out. I only needed to share links to the forms with our team of voluteers. After the form is filled out, some magic happens.

1. Forms push data to spreadsheet.

2. Spreadsheet purges duplicate entries. (Super handy. If someone thought they messed up checking someone in, they just did it again)

3. Filters the purged data by date set.

4. You're able to assign agents to teams or mark as not playing if they had to leave early or whatever.

5. You can set value for whatever extra stats to track and even set points for a bonus score (we did volatile portals and handed out "intel" as the teams were announced.)

6. Automagically does the maths and any human error that would have left a negative score are highlighted and counted for 0 instead. So if someone had to leave or messed up checking out, it's not a hard penalty to the team.

It should be able to handle about 500 agents from both factions when set up fresh.

This was super fun and the product of about a year where my counter and I tried to find a way to make it happen the best we could. It was super awkward for agents strategizing with agents on the other faction against a team doing the same. It also mitigates lopsidedness when more of one faction shows up.

I don't have it set to populate the info to be easily submitted to fevgames. I'm leaving it like that. Feel free to copy to your own drive and set up though. Have fun.

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A nice field op or some art would be awesome. But I'm sure it'll never happened. AM01-LIMA-09

TOPIC: Which anomaly/event are you most excited for the year, and why?

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Camp Storyteller wants to bring a part of you to Camp Navarro!

Come be a storyteller! Tell us your heroic tales, agonizing defeats, greatest adventures, brightest moments, or even your unusual and funniest moments. Camp Storyteller wants to highlight ,you, the community! Your feats and memories will be displayed proudly in the camp for all to read and listen.

Please share your story on G+, in a document, 5 minute video clip, or audio.
Stories posted to G+ should be tagged with #TellYourIngressStory or #CampStoryteller.
Follow up by filling out the form below to share your memories with the world!

We will read and listen to all your stories.

Disclaimer : Please remember that ALL stories are to be suitable for the entire Ingress community to read, that includes all ages. If your story is deemed inappropriate it might be edited to meet the criteria, or simply excluded from being presented at camp.

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A Very Special Message

Happy Birthday +Dan NoReg

Had an agent from the next city over ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to. He is trying to recruit from PoGo and isn’t having much luck because they aren’t nearly as connected as a community as we are. Anyway, he asked if any Xfac communities Nationwide have actually crossed the PoGo/Ingress border?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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