In Austin last weekend on the day before the anomaly, I watched a player very aggressively approach another player and demand a 'scanner check'. When asked why, she said "You know why." She the proceeded to be aggressive with us as well, demanding to know what faction we were. I declined to say after seeing the way she treated the other agent and she grew angry. After that, she tried to excuse her aggressive behavior by saying she was x-faction friendly and "I'm even a member of XF-CC". The whole experience was very negative for the agent she first approached and for myself and my partner as well. Afterwards, myself and the ENL agent had a positive conversation about x-faction relations and how what she did was the opposite of what one would expect from a x-fac friendly player.

Please be mindful of your interactions with other players and how you may be perceived. If you are a member of this group, you are also a representative of it. I expect to see amazing things from someone who wants to work for a more positive Ingress environment, and I have seen lots of you doing just that as you share swag, shake hands, and check people in for events.

Thank you! #RiseAbove

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We just found this amazing highlight of one of our Agents by +Community Services Industry Alliance Ltd! Thanks for sharing your Ingress story Dan!

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A long time ago in a Slack team far, far away...

It was a period of civil war. Player vs Player. Orga vs. Orga.
Striking from a hidden spreadsheet, a dream was born - of the first cross faction eSports league for Ingress..

Yes, those wild and whacky fielders are at it again! Fielding Guides, Technical Mechanics and resources for Agents are being assembled, and we need your help!

We are building for Globally organized Competitions for both factions of the
Ingress Enlightened and Resistance. Our mission is simple - to promote sportsmanship and fair play, and to make fields great again!

We're on the hunt for resources to help plan cross faction competitive and cooperative events! Got OP templates and training guides? Documents (we know you have them! ) Operations guides that we can share to the Agent population at large?

More importantly - if you want to help organize operations, act as a mentor, recruiter, vetter, and social media champion - we want to hear from you!

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Tomorrow in the U.S. is celebrated as Martin Luther King day, a day which memorializes the fight for civil rights. In honor of that, what is your +Ingress community doing this weekend to #riseabove?

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2018 #ToTheSpiritOfTheGame #FriendsMakeItFun
Tired of hearing how "As a community" Its time for every individual to take responsibility to the "Spirit of the Game" Don't like what you see do something to change it. As I remember Hank asked us when Joe Philley passed " Be a positive force in your community and in Ingress"
Make 2018 that year
Ingress: Where is our Spirit of Ingress?

Ban, hunt, cheat, leak, dox, troll, harass, flame. Is this how you want Ingress to be played?

Numb, broken, wrecked, apathetic, disbelieving, shocked. Have you experienced this pain? The pain of losing something you love?

On the morning of 28th November 2014, that is how most of the New Zealand men's cricket team, the Black Caps, felt. Many of them had been weeping uncontrollably as they were about to continue trying to play a game of cricket.

This should not have been the case. The New Zealand team was in the middle of a 5-day cricket game against Pakistan in Sharjah, UAE, and they were just about to start play for the 2nd day of the game. Pakistan were ahead in the match. New Zealand were the underdogs, having recorded their biggest loss (in runs) to Pakistan two games prior, and should have been gunning to prove they were better. Pakistan, having thumped the highly ranked Australia at the same venue recently, were full of confidence. But the New Zealand team didn’t want to play this game.

Someone had died.

Was it a member, former member, or anyone associated to the team who had died? No. It was Phil Hughes, from their biggest rivals, the Australian cricket team, on the other side of the world. An event they could have easily disregarded, but they didn’t.

Two days prior, Phil Hughes was playing a regional cricket game in Sydney, Australia. In the game, he was struck by a cricket ball “bouncer” which missed all his protective gear and struck him on his neck. This brought the game to a halt and then all cricket to stop in Australia. Tragically, this injury proved fatal the next day.

Phil had reached the highest level of the game, representing Australia, and was generally regarded as a good guy - likeable both in game and out. Many of the New Zealand players had played against him, with a few playing with him in Indian franchise teams.

Why did this have such a big impact on the New Zealanders? As the New Zealand captain, Brendon McCullum, recounted:

”I looked around the dressing room and felt that no one wanted to be playing cricket. It had lost all meaning. There was also the realisation that it could have been any one of us. None of us ever anticipated that someone could die from a cricket ball, not in this day and age .... Cricket was meant to be a game, not a life or death struggle.”

The match officials, who allowed postponement of the previous day’s play, had insisted the teams play today. The New Zealand players had been briefed by their captain: “All your preparation, all you have ever thought about in cricket, just throw it out the window for this one game.” They were told there would be no harsh judgement on any player's performance and no consequences for failure. Their motivation was that they needed to honour Phil by honouring the game itself.

So, with that mindset, the New Zealanders went out onto the field and continued the game. They played the game differently to how it was usually played. The failures of the other team, or wickets, were not applauded or celebrated as they normally would be. They abandoned normal aggressive play, such as bouncers, and other aggressive tactics and kept the game to only a battle of skills and wits.

Despite the disadvantages of the play style they adopted, this resulted in a huge turnaround for the underdogs, the New Zealanders. They went on to score the highest total ever by New Zealand in an innings and record their first win against Pakistan away from home in 18 years.

That then became the catalyst for approaching the game differently for the New Zealand team. They did re-adopt normal aggressive game play but they abandoned what cricket would call sledging, or trolling the opposition, and took to heart and adopted the Spirit of Cricket. Brendon describes this:

”We worked out what would work for us … to try to be humble and hardworking and to enjoy what we were doing. It is vital that you understand that we were never trying to be nice guys. We were just trying to be authentic in how we acted, played the game and carried ourselves. For us, sledging in an abusive manner just didn't fit with who we believed we had to be. It wasn't authentic.”

”We weren't righteous in our stance and demanding that other teams follow our lead, but for us it was so good to play free of the shackles - to genuinely love the game again, to acknowledge and enjoy the opposition.”

After changing their approach, the Black Caps have seen an improvement in their competitive results. They are well renowned for their aggressive style of play but well respected by their supporters and opposition. As Brendon relays:

”The New Zealand team ... has rediscovered its soul. It's now a team that our country is proud of.”

The New Zealanders refer to their change of attitude as being in line with the Spirit of Cricket. The Spirit of Cricket is a long held understanding in the game. It has even been written into the laws of the game. Some elements are:
- Not behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute
- RESPECT for your opponents, the roles of the umpires, the game's values

So banning, hunting, cheating, leaking, doxing, trolling, harassment, flame wars. Is this how we want Ingress to be played?

Perhaps we could take a lesson from the New Zealand cricketers and show more respect - for our opponents, our teammates, and others - and adopt a “Spirit of Ingress”.

Let's start now, and bring back the spirit of the game we love. Let’s make Ingress a game we are proud of!

+Ingress +Andrew Krug


References and More Info:

Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum's MCC Spirit of Cricket lecture on June 6, 2016

Sledging - Wikipedia

Brendon McCullum - Declared

Spirit of Cricket: Preamble to the Laws


Big ❤️ to +Jax Goss for editing my amateur writing.

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San Francisco Anomaly attendees - we will be collecting new, unwrapped toys for the #ToysForTots program and are hosting a drop off during the SF Anomaly check-in this weekend! Bring a toy and make the holidays brighter for children in our local community!


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Thought I'd share this over here since I snagged several photos. from the XF-CC feed. Best group of people that understand that ultimately Ingress and the community as a whole is more important then faction.

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Here's a good example of how to #riseabove (literally)
Real *+Ingress achievements don't give you badges.*

Today, I planned to defend one of New Mexico's most restrictive portals against any opponents ambitious enough to attempt the arduous climb to secure it. But when a junior Enlightened agent NexusMaximus showed up wishing to claim the portal, I was impressed by his tenacity to make it to the portal in the first place, and even moreso by his cordiality towards me despite being his opponent. Given the need for such agents, I offered to give him the portal without contest if he would leave it unlinkable.

He took me up on the offer, and we spent the afternoon relaxing our sore shoulders, admiring the view of the Rio Grande valley below, chowing down on BBQ, and getting to know each other. It was a lot more enjoyable than the alternative: mindlessly mashing buttons all afternoon, burning gear so we can later mindlessly mash buttons to farm it back again.

#extremeingress #nmingress #xfac #riseabove

+John Hanke +Andrew Krug +Joel Phillips

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Anyone want to have fun playing a GPS based game, see new places and meet lots of interesting people?
Today's Word of the Day is rapprochement.

Read the full definition here:
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