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NEW! XFCC USA has a telegram channel. Join us!
ALSO NEW!!! An opt-in pin map of XFCC operational areas


XF-CC (Cross Faction Communication Co-op) is a dual-faction group of self-accountable advocates for fair and fun Ingress.

OUR MISSION: To promote positive Ingress interactions by cultivating fairness, respect, and honor in our local communities.

- All fair opinions deserve a respectful audience.
- Don't cheat the system.
- Never breach an Agent's sovereignty.
- When in doubt, pursue AP.

WE STRIVE FOR open debate on social issues in the game. We ask the tough questions. We give full consideration to other's responses. We search for new ways to succeed in all areas of our agency. And most of all, we communicate our ideas, frustrations, flaws, and learnings.

OUR MEMBERS aren't perfect. But we all aim to amp up the fun of Ingress by:
- Playing with honor.
- Being the change we want to see in Ingress.
- Refraining from negative interactions.
- Remaining pleasant in COMM

YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US! But please know that we are a publicly viewed community. By joining, you agree to have any of your posts publicly shared. We hope this will help reinforce our forum with logical and productive debate.

- Please avoid calling out specifics like community names, agent names etc.
- Please avoid hatespeak, unless it is an example of what not to do.
- Keep it upbeat! Use optimism where you would normally hear sarcasm. Treat friendly debate as an art-form.
- Don't immediately reject other opinions. Think about what someone is saying before you respond. Put yourself in their shoes. Use tact and empathy to find a win-win.
- You don't need to be a wordsmith. If you are having trouble articulating your particular point of view, send your raw opinion to a moderator! We will gladly help you negotiate the issue in a fair and respectful fashion.

We look forward to seeing you in the debate.

Keep it classy Agents! And welcome home.

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We just found this amazing highlight of one of our Agents by +Community Services Industry Alliance Ltd! Thanks for sharing your Ingress story Dan!

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A long time ago in a Slack team far, far away...

It was a period of civil war. Player vs Player. Orga vs. Orga.
Striking from a hidden spreadsheet, a dream was born - of the first cross faction eSports league for Ingress..

Yes, those wild and whacky fielders are at it again! Fielding Guides, Technical Mechanics and resources for Agents are being assembled, and we need your help!

We are building for Globally organized Competitions for both factions of the
Ingress Enlightened and Resistance. Our mission is simple - to promote sportsmanship and fair play, and to make fields great again!

We're on the hunt for resources to help plan cross faction competitive and cooperative events! Got OP templates and training guides? Documents (we know you have them! ) Operations guides that we can share to the Agent population at large?

More importantly - if you want to help organize operations, act as a mentor, recruiter, vetter, and social media champion - we want to hear from you!

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Hi guys! As a lot of people already know, we've changed the Global XF-CC chat a bit, to help with bots and spammers. This is the link for the XF-CC lobby. Follow the directions once you join the chat, and let us know if you would also like any other XF-CC chapter (country) chats, and we will process you from there. 💙💚

Will there be anyone coming to Vancouver for the anomaly on Saturday to represent the XF?

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St. George will be hosting an Ingress First Saturday cross-faction meet-up on Saturday, Aug. 4. Check-in is at 7:30pm, and the event begins at 8pm. We'll hack for two hours, meet back at the Town Square Tower at 10:00pm, figure out winners, and then hand out some prizes...

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Just wanted to share this.
Baconomaly xfac tool:

So the tool is 2 forms and a sheet used for checking agents in or out. I only needed to share links to the forms with our team of voluteers. After the form is filled out, some magic happens.

1. Forms push data to spreadsheet.

2. Spreadsheet purges duplicate entries. (Super handy. If someone thought they messed up checking someone in, they just did it again)

3. Filters the purged data by date set.

4. You're able to assign agents to teams or mark as not playing if they had to leave early or whatever.

5. You can set value for whatever extra stats to track and even set points for a bonus score (we did volatile portals and handed out "intel" as the teams were announced.)

6. Automagically does the maths and any human error that would have left a negative score are highlighted and counted for 0 instead. So if someone had to leave or messed up checking out, it's not a hard penalty to the team.

It should be able to handle about 500 agents from both factions when set up fresh.

This was super fun and the product of about a year where my counter and I tried to find a way to make it happen the best we could. It was super awkward for agents strategizing with agents on the other faction against a team doing the same. It also mitigates lopsidedness when more of one faction shows up.

I don't have it set to populate the info to be easily submitted to fevgames. I'm leaving it like that. Feel free to copy to your own drive and set up though. Have fun.

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