Installed the free version for evaluation on a multilanguage test website containing 3 diferent languages.
It installs. I can see my albums.
The extension does not show any album on an menu item created as described on their website. Als insode an article the album does not display.
I only get a waiting wheel turning round.
Installation support is not provided unless I buy the product.
I will only buy the product if it operates in my Joomla environment.

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New review for Ozio Gallery: "Makes great albums in a few clicks." "Very nice people."

Thanksssssssssssssss :)

Hello Alessandro,
I haven't been on the forum for a long time.
Can you tell me reinstall my paid version of "Ozio Gallery 4" with your update, in order to ahve again the unlimited number of images?

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HI there, im using the skin nano with 4 folder galleries from google all working fine.. but when trying to use the use editor ozio gallery button in an article editor it only display 1 gallery?
what are the step to fallow to get this working?

also when picking the template album list menu.. it wont show anything on the gallery?? can you let me know what is the issue here.. thanks and great product

Ozzio ignores menu settings. All albums in the list are displayed, instead of selected. How to fix it?

Ciao Alex,
su un sito ottengo 'Connection error: parsererror - SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 555' quando clicco su 'Credenziali Google APIs'

Sbaglio o nella JED non si riesce a recensire le estensioni?

hello, is it maybe an idea for the future to add the possibility to choose which pics from a google album to choose in a gallery? .... Now i have album with many pics from for example a city including the castle... later i have another story about only the castle which i use then those pics from that album . Like that i reduce my amount of pics online..... ( now already 165 albums on Google.... ) 

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Disponibile l'aggiornamento alla versione Ozio Gallery 4.8.1,
Aggiornate le skin jgallery v1.6.1, lightgallery v1.3.9, nanogallery v5.10.3; Migliorato il collegamento alla API Google; Ripristinata la funzione whitelist e blacklist; Corretto il problema della cache del browser che non mostra subilo la lista album aggiornata; Altre piccole correzioni

Available Ozio Gallery 4.8.1
Update Skins jgallery v1.6.1, lightgallery v1.3.9, nanogallery v5.10.3; Better GET e POST Google API connections; Restore whitelist and blacklist; Fix cache problem for album list; Minor fixes

Ozio I've updated to version 4.8, created credentials google - Ozio still sees only the "old" public galleries. New galleries are visible in the white list, but the images will not load. I checked the query JavaScript Ozio uses continue to request public gallery. I installed a new installation Ozio and new empty Joomla - everything works OK.
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