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Name:Violet moonlight
Fear:shadow people(it really is)
Bio:as a little girl she saw people who weren't really there! Even now it's still follows her wanting for her by the door and/or windows.
Likes:horror movies,rock music.
More info:the middle pic is the shadow that wants to take her soul
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"Fear, the one fear I have............"

Name: Sarah B. Orwell

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Fear: Having a fear

Personality: Sweet, Caring, Kind, Quiet, Somewhat mean at points, Respectful, Single minded, and Somewhat Rude.

Hair Color: Brown but at the very bottom and up to all most to her shoulder is dyed blonde like seen in the picture below.

Eye Color: It is quietly rare to say, Her parents took her to the doctor but every single one of them said it isn't a problem at all, Her grand-grand-grand-grandmother had those type of eyes. Stories Sarah read that people that have those eyes can read the future. But They were never true. Her eye color is a mixer of Pink and Purple.

Skin Color: White as paper. Because of her eyes, she never goes out to the real world. She thought that everyone would make fun of her eye color.


Food:  Popcorn, Candy, Anything Spicy, Anything Sweet, Her mother's not-so-famous tofu dogs, Soup, noodles, Ramen, Stew, Crab, Fish and others that she can't remember

Do to: Reading, Writing, Singing, Talking to people in person, Having time with her friends and Playing with her little sister {Molly C. Orwell}

Least Favorites

Food: Anything sour, Grill Cheese, Hamburgers,  Eggs, Soda and others she don't want to remember

Do to: Making her little sister Molly cry, Being made fun of, Reading a boring book, Having to read see someone's bad handwriting, Not having time with anyone because of her school work {She had Pre-AP classes meaning she had a little bit "higher" mind then other normal kids}

Bio: "I don't remember much, Sorry....."

Name: rosy
Age: 11
Gender: female
Famly: herobrine
like: RP and creepy pasta and demons and smiles and animals and daggers
dislikes: bad ppl and some good
bio: is good and bad but still some ppl like her and has a pet named fluffy hes a demon wolf

Name: Gumball
Age: 12
Loves: Video games, Internet
Fears: Ghost and Jealousy Ghost

Fear of dogs Cynophobia

Name: Kirstie Rodriguez
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Fear: Light

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huddled in my room due to the light

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Hi i'm Slenderman's daughter i hope we can be come friends.~Maymay X

Name: Jasmine
Age: 19
Gender: female
Fear: Balkins (which are giant perverted monkeys)
Likes: fighting, dragons, and everything else
Dislikes: nothing except for what she fears
Bio: Grew up with Erza Scarlet and her other friends, her family is dead, is a demon/vampire/human
Personality: depends what the day is
Pic: still have to find one

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Name: Bloody Rose
Bio:Was killed by bus (driven by sally)
Love(s): Smile dog (but as a pet)
Love: Killing and eating bodies
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