Is there a way to purchase a hard copy of this? I just found out this exists.

Looking for play testers for an Aztec themed scenario.
The situation is 1454 in Tenochtitlan which is now Mexico City. The predators have fooled the prey into believing that they are gods. A three year drought has caused a devastating famine resulting in a scarcity of blood for the predators while also building suspicion of the prey.

All levels of understanding of Undying are welcome. I am still learning Undying myself.

Content: Rated R
Where: Discord and Roll 20
Time: I am on Eastern Standard Time with flexible availability
Commitment: One 3 hour session
Stage in development: Early

Please let me know in the comments if your interested and we can take it from there.
Edit: discord link for this interested!

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Are there new pre-made character sheets to go with the revised version of the Seattle fire in the back of the book?

Is there any way for non-backers to get the setting hacks? I'm super curious about Cursus.

Hi. Which adaptations would you do to play Undying via telegram or whatsapp?

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Undying is up for two Indie Groundbreakers Awards nominations! Special thanks to +Mauro Mussi, +Nate Marcel, and +Nathan Paoletta for the best artwork nomination - could not have done that without you!

Are there any podcasts or YouTube channels that are dedicated to Undying? If not, any that are actual play that help explain the system?

Thank you.

Hi Paul, another question from the Italian community: Are grudges supposed to escalate if you make a rival of someone that is already your rival? Let's say you Interfere with them during downtime play.


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