Is there any word on how the setting book is progressing? Not being impatient, to be clear! "It will be done when it's done," is totally legitimate. Just curious and very very excited is all :)

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Played my second game of +Mark Richardson's Headspace, the first of which was the last BreakoutCon I went to and also run by Mark.

I got to play with +Angela Murray! After seeing all the selfies at +Misdirected Mark Productions it was super neat to be in one, haha! Got to play with +Rob Wakefield, who I played The Sprawl with last time and was awesome again, and two others I don't have on G+.

The game has a lot of stuff to do at the start but I like Mark's format overall, in that the goal is to give people a tutorial on how the whole game may play, even if the actual fiction is the last 30-45 minutes of the slot. The character creation is pretty fun and honestly, if I were to run it I think it would take longer because my inclination would be to have actual short vignettes that weave together as character creation goes.

I've been thinking about how this might work in The Gauntlet and I think it would be tough to do an open table situation with it. I dug playing it again and of course Mark runs it well.

I'm trying something different with ghost operators for my current game. It's a small group of just 3 operators, and we're playing with the Insider. Rather than killing off the unused character types, we're trying out having the corporate operatives be former members of the Headspace cell who were forced out, but there is some residual connection. The PCs often find out about new corporate projects because the rival operatives borrow their skills to enact them, letting some bleed of their thoughts to come through. If the PC operatives use a ghost skill, the rival gets to sneak a peak at what they're doing.

I could see this scaling out of control, but the full campaign is expected to only last about 6 episodes or so, and we're aiming toward the conclusion revolving around forcing a face-turn on one of the rivals.

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Hey everyone thinking of running Headspace online!

I've cobbled together a very basic online sheet set with some auto-fill tables to make keeping notes together a little easier. Graphic design on this is a little poor at the moment, but please feel free to make a copy and play around with it.

When you pick out a setting, just remember to update the picklist sheet with each of your corporate secrets. Character names should autofill on the picklist page as players fill in their names, letting you use drop downs for baggage associations.

Feedback appreciated!

Yesterday I shipped pretty well all my remaining Headspace stock (120 softcover) to Indie Press Revolutions.

I have some 9 mint books left and a stack of 87 that are from the shipping Trebuchet, but kinda survived (light scuffs only). Those 87 are essentially pulp, not sure what else I could do for them that wouldn't erode quality expectations of my products or cut into an otherwise real sale.

The original print run was 100 Hardcovers and "1,000" which became 857 Softcovers post Trebuchet.

There are still books here and there with different stores but for the most part I've cleared through all the stock since Sept 20, 2016 (including KS).

I'm now in actual re-print mode. The book continues to sell well at Cons and I can't restock IPR fast enough. Which has been part of the problem with ~3 months or so this year IPR had nothing to sell.

For the re-print of Headspace I'm not exactly doing a 2nd Edition because I don't hate myself that much. I am however making some art and rear cover adjustments:

- Nathan who is currently doing glorious custom logos for the expansion is going to do logo art for the original companies. I don't "need" to do this but it's a big want on my end (and something I lacked budget for when I first printed) and it will be a nice update for the Digital.
- I'll be revising the Rear Cover text, because it's awfully long, it's a bad star wars scrawl long.

Physical Copy wise I plan to keep the Gloss Cover but lose the gloss interior. While I like the magazine finish it compresses the book A LOT (almost 75%) and when it's standing next to other books of similar page counts it looks very lean while costing the same as fatter books.

I plan to print in the U.S. with the books freighted directly to IPR to minimize shenanigans.

With regards to numbers it will probably be 500 unless the 1K price difference is really stellar? I was thinking Taylor but I don't think they do runs less than 1K.

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Kickstarter Backer update and a sobreity update.

At the same time! Never expected to do that in this life time but my social media circulation isn't the same as those that backed this project, so transparency ho.

Also new art previews and logo previews.

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For those who missed it, +Mark Richardson is working away on finalizing the setting book for Headspace. This book is going to be amazing and it's filled with 7 brilliant cyberpunk settings for the game.

I was proud to contribute to the book myself, by creating a 7th operator type called The Insider, who focuses on media, journalism, and politics. Take a look at the awesome illustration that +Brian Patterson put together as an iconic character!

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Headspace is in the new Bundle of Holding "Apocalypse Engine +2" get it and AW2, Action Movie World: First Blood and Spirit of '77 at one low price with 10% going to the Southern Poverty Law Centre

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Played Headspace last night at GenCon. When I sat down at the table, I was in a foul mood and ready to blow some stuff up after the frustrating game I played the slot before.

The fun character creation immediately turned my mood around. The questions to build relationships and history really crafted a compelling story even before we got to playing, and the scenario built upon that and evolved from that.

We ended on a strong twist that would be a great hook in a tv show pilot. It would be a show I'd look forward to watching more.
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