Hello everyone, just recently discovered the game and would love to try it out. Any word on when physical copies might be in stock again? I've got no issue getting just the PDF but I'd love a hard copy as well.

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I decided to send my favourite and most inspiring author John Scalzi a copy of my first book, just because it seemed like a thing to do for someone who made me want to make my thing. I was super nervous about doing this but sent him an email and he told me to ferry it along, also +John Adamus was all "show him the thing you did" and he's smart like that.

Kinda died this morning when I saw it included in his monthly dispatch of new stuff he got. And someone in the comments even calls it out as something they played!

Mentally implodes.

Does anyone want to help me fill out my custom Headspace Setting? It's based on a planet in my larger Sci-fi SWN campaign, so its a little weird. Here's what I have so far.


Event: Interstellar travel achievable. Human colonies on other planets.
Issue: ?

Event: Planet's biome inhospital with humans
Issues: Humans have to gene splice with alien xenobiology so that the local food is edible.
Corp: Hydra
Public Mandate: to facilitate access to gene splicing and make sure no ethical codes are broken.
Shadow Mandate: Break ethical codes to make super soldiers.


Event: Running out of fresh water
Issue: The City is slowly sinking? and dying of thirst? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/02/17/world/americas/mexico-city-sinking.html?_r=0

Event Resurgence of MES (psychic disease)
Issues: Teenagers are flipping out and causing damage with no local facilities to care for them.
Corp: Clairvoyant Solutions
Slogan: We'll handle the future for you
Public Mandate: To care for troubled youth, who are abandoned because of public's misunderstanding of the MES disease.
Shadow Mandate: To train elite psychic spies to further corporation goals.


Event: Alien tech discovered. Crazy alien weather machine that is valuable enough to sell to other planets?
Issue: Maybe humans with cybernetics are unable to work next towards them? Or maybe the issue is no one knows how to turn them off and it's just always raining in town. (fits one the character's stories.)
Corp: Solar Investments
Public Mandate: ?
Shadow Mandate: ?

Event: Public services sold to private contractors.
Issue: Police are a corporation
Corp: Red Nova
Public Mandate: ?
Shadow Mandate: ?

I'll jump back to this to update it more at a later time. But if you have any suggestions feel free to shout them out.

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A french review of Headspace, which is pretty awesome.

Translation of it's conclusion:

Someone translate this game into French!

Yes and yes! Someone has to translate Headspace into French. People who like the Apocalypse system will love it, especially if they have a thing for cyberpunk settings and share consciousness. The rules aren't too simple nor are they complex and they graciously worm themselves in the setting of the game. The characters' evolution is simple and short - as always in PbtA games - but you can easily launch a short and exciting campaign. Not to mention that you'll always find a reason to play or master this game again since a new group means a new story with new operators. Knowing that the PDF only costs 10 bucks, it's a bargain! I warmly recommend you Headspace if English isn't a problem for you. And if you want to play it in French, start putting pressure on French publishers.

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The latest +1 Forward is out! This one's all about Headspace, the shared consciousness cyberpunk RPG by +Mark Richardson


You can purchase Headspace from DriveThruRPG by following our affiliate link here: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/185198/Headspace?affiliate_id=78493

After creating our Operators almost four months ago and going through a barrage of delays, we're finally starting out first session of a 4-part game of Headspace and I wanted to share the first part planned for tonight.

The idea is that the crew disbanded and went into hiding after their last job went south but the corporation that hired them needs to close this file and that means taking out the crew. Because of their Headspace, the session will start with simultaneous attempts to take them out.

But the part I'm really psyched to bring into the game is the guy who will help bring them back together and give them their final mission to make things right. Dr. Marcus Weinhoffer is the sole surviving members of the Headspace Project, the engineers who actually built the tech. As they all equipped themselves with their own early phase Headspace, this means Dr. Marcus' head is filled with five ghost operators. He's an individual super genius who's gone mad from having literal voices in his head but he wants to get his own revenge against the same corporation for trying to close the file on that project too. He wants all Headspace research, manufacturing & back-ups destroyed at the corporate level so this can only be used by the underground resistance to fight a guerrilla war.

Really looking forward to giving this a shot tonight, especially as my first PbtA game. Ever. It's also the first not-designed-by-me game I've run in maybe two years... which feels weird. 

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Episode 104 - Cyber Infiltration Hotsheet

In the latest episode of the #RPGDesignPanelcast+Shane Harsch +Mark Richardson and +Tim Rodriguez discuss cyberheists! This is a fun super interesting discussion, which follows up on the previous year's discussion in Episode 50.

Take a listen to both, and have a good op!

By the way, I mention this in any cyberpunk RPG forum.

Tabletop Audio (http://www.tabletopaudio.com) offers 10-minute background sound loops to play for different RPG genres. They also have a new feature called SoundPad which is like a sound-board where you can mix sounds and vary them depending on what's happening in your story. You can "broadcast" this sound mix to players online, as long as they can open one window with your broadcast link. So far there is ONE SoundPad, "Future City," which is good for cyberpunk adventures:


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Just starting to read Headspace. I notice characters can share skills, and "skill downloads" were portrayed in THE MATRIX.

I'm surprised, though, that you didn't mention sources of inspiration such as the series DOLLHOUSE (2009, 2 seasons), where women get memory and personality downloads to go on missions, but their minds get erased during downtime.

The ideas (and dilemmas) were on TV almost 50 years ago in the Gerry Anderson marionette production JOE 90. A scientist can implant spy skills with the help of a computer (using computer tape, haha. When I was a boy they showed a solvent which would destroy tape but make the bits visible, 7 bits across a tape 2 inches wide!) The scientist mostly performs it on his 9-year-old son, because who will suspect a 9-year-old boy of being a safe-cracker?


Quick rules question:

When feedback occurs, the GM is able to spend up to 4 stress points in the form of complications for the team. Since feedback occurs on what would be stress 5, wouldn't this reduce stress to 1 instead of to 0? Or does the tracker itself never actually 'move' to 5?
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