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You started a project using TUI, that is free to use and/or want collaboration with others?
Share your links to - and intention about it here!

So, almost a year has passed, and i am wondering...
Did you get any errors/bugs or otherwise unexpected behaviour?
It works flawless for me, but im the author of it, so that doesnt count 😜

* Updated: Provided (precompiled) info pages
* Fixed: tui-status returns with passed exit code again

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I'd love to see someone versed in ZSH  pick this up, it works kinda but needs some love, i've spoken to maintainer and he tells me he is not interested in it, it's a shame to see it fester as there's nothing else quite like  it.
Have you tube links in irc open with mplayer/mpv ,  image links will open with feh.
Simply set zurl as your emulators handler. WIll work with any TUI app not only irc

* Updated: tui-download, prints again the name and filesize
* Updated: YASSI, applied '2.0-alpha-rc1' now (rc0 failed due to missing dirs, and DOCS[info|html|..] if used)

Sorry for the trouble, accidently picked the wrong file of YASSI for the last update.

* Updated: tui-ftp, there were typos in the script header, causing it to fail completly
* Updated: tui-typewriter, now prints the borders as intended.
* Updated: tui & tui-conf-editor, now refers to the proper url (
* Updated: YASSI, should cover/solve exotic installation problems
 (IF you had any, please try again now)

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Just wondering...
If you have TUI installed, and wrote some scripts using it...
What are your thoughts about the "TUI, framework for scripts"?
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Very nice, I love it!
Nice, might/should dig a bit deeper..
Not what I expected(why/what?)
I dont like the concept/output/colors
Other (please state why or what)

Tired of typing your xrandr commands?
Just to switch between your laptop screen and the external monitor?
xrandr-tui --switch

A yet to become, full fleged xrandr wrapper for most basic needs.
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