I'm going to be resetting this universe entirely, sorry, but it is inactive, and honestly I've been going over ideas for what I could be doing, such as not actually using Anakin, and dealing with the Yuuzhan Vong stuff, I also had some really stupid things in here, so yeah. I mean I made this community when I first started using G+, so yeah..

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Name: Irisha
Age: 37 
Gender: male
Alliance/Side: none (bounty hunter)
Species: Miraluka (look it up, they look like humans except no eyes, see through the force)
Weapon(s): Ancient black lightsaber. 
Bio: Where as most the Sith were destroyed in this galaxy and ruled out only two. Irisha and his master fled to the event horizon of the black hole before the Sith were hunted down. Shortly after Irisha's master betrayed him fearing Irisha was growing too powerful, that he was. Irisha killed his master and fled from the horizon back to the galaxy of Star Wars. With little left and definitely not wanting another master, he became a bounty hunter.
Rank: Sith Lord (he's discovered dark powers that puts emperors force lightning to shame, reason being is he learned from the best Sith, the pure blood)
Anything else you want to add: Irisha is young and originated from the pure blood of Sith. Since he  was on the horizon he lived longer without aging much. Irisha now lurks through the galaxy looking for the best score, and better yet, any Jedi who survived order 66...
Force powers:
Force push
Force Lightning
Force Choke
Force freeze (as of Kylo Ren in the beginning, NO SPOILERS)
Force Jump
Force dash
Force pain
Mind trick
Mind read
Force pull
Force crush
Force Storm (causes a dark storm around Irisha that hurts anyone in it. This was fro a Star wars RPG, I liked it)

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name: Enigma
species: Proxy Droid
gender: male
occupation: Jedi Assassin
weapons: Tesla rife (see attachment), twin light daggers (kinda like a mix of a light saber and a dagger)

I love the fact only me and Lance are Roleplaying, people do stuff please.

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The fleets stop firing as soon as they see the dark force storm, and then turn to applying ground troops to Genosis(Sorry if the picture is huge)

Luke  approached the happy reunion, his expression was grim "I am sorry to end the happy reunion, but we've got problems." Anakin turned to face him But the Yuuzhan Vong have fallen, what's the problem now? Luke had a sad expression on his face now "The Dark Jedi, and a Sith... They've taken Genosis, Cal is Sending the Galactic Alliance fleets to retake it, but I doubt it will be enough.

Is there a specific Reason you guys are all bounty hunters, or is that just what you think is the coolest, and by Bounty Hunters I mean Mercenaries.

Anakin walked into the large chamber, with the seed mates, they started to stir and many of them rose and flew towards him, at least six attached themselves to him, 1 hour later his ship was finished, it slightly resembled a Yuuzhan Vong Corral Skipper, but it was much smoother, and instead of a Dovin Basal it had hyper drive engines, his ship was beautiful, its brilliant colors flashing in the sun, even Kyp Durron had to say that it was amazing

A small ship flies through space and lands in a clearing on Zonama Sekot, out of it step Anakin, Luke, Mara, and Ben, standing in the clearing already are a couple of Tahiri's elite Yuuzhan Vong Jedi, Tahiri, Han, Leia, Jacen and Jaina. Tahiri ran over and hugged Anakin, then stepped back an angry expression on her face. "You died, we all thought you were dead, and you also made me take Alema back to the ship, decided to be harsh didn't you."
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