Hey Laser Timers, anyone play the Simpson's Tapped Out? If you do and need cities for this Whacking Day rewards, feel free to add my two cities. PCMustangGT or PConsidine.

Bro ogle+. That is all.

It's getting close to PAX East, so to anyone in the group going have a fun trip and share pictures!

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What's up everyone? It's been a bit just thought I'd throw this out there, how is everyone enjoying Vidjagame Apocalypse?

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Hey guys, I figure most of you have to be fans of Venture Bros. if you listen to Laser Time. Today is the 10th anniversary of the pilot episode!

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One of the nice things about Google+ is the ease of sharing of images, so I'm attaching my Laser Time and old Talk Radar fan shops. 
Talk Laser Radar Time
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Since +Brett Elston and Chris are at Capcom, we have still heard nothing about Resident Evil: Sideways Derby. I'm thinking it'll be a next gen launch title. Any other ideas? 

Well, we'll see if any of the Laser Time fans are on G+. I'm hoping there are, and this will provide another fun way to communicate with each other.
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