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Good evening! Re: Uploading different sorts of files

Upload the file to your google drive then click "Get shareable link" and then copy and paste the link here.

(here are some photos to keep you guided)
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One of the beliefs of postmodernist is that truth and meaning are unstable, limited and always changing. Also, existentialists believe that life is meaningless. Jesus, however claims that He is the truth, and the life (John 14:6). Is there a way to reconcile them or those two movements are in direct opposition to Jesus' claims?

Please do not comment on my post yet until we're done with both reports. The DEADLINE for sharing your thoughts on my post re:existentialism and postmodernism is FRIDAY NEXT WEEK and NOT TOMORROW.

Do you agree with how beauty pageants are conducted/judged? If yes, why? If no, how do you think they should be conducted/judged?

Differences between Western and Non-western Traditions

1. Western thinks in a linear manner, that is, in terms of beginning and ending in a straight line. Oriental thought runs in a circular manner
( e.g. karma, reincarnation, gulong ng palad).
2. In the East, Religion is philosophy and philosophy is religion. These two cannot be separated.
3. If logic or reason is impossible to explain a certain phenomenon, the non-westerners will resort to intuition and mysticism.

Guys, I noticed that some of you are not using your real names. Please use your real names, as your present names will make it impossible for me to determine which of the comments are yours. thanks

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Here is the copy of the rubrics in Journal, Oral Presentation and Peer Rubric (for those who have partners) 😂
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We already have a "Forum" section for our virtual classroom discussions :) You will know based on the category specified under/beside the name of the person who posted :) YEY!
this is a sample haha

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Here is the schedule for the reporting within this semester. This will also be posted on our bulletin board :)

The reporting will start on Tuesday :)
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