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Somehow, I feel like I should have made this connection sooner.
Part 19 of my ongoing series in which I make characters for Heroes Unlimited. I also do a bit of world building. This time I dig into one of the least utilized classes in the game(and with good reason), The Stage Magician. Let me know what you think.

Interesting topic came up on the Savage Rifts thread over at Apparently, this isn't Palladium's first time working with another company. There was a Rifts: Manhunter but something went bad with the agreement. I was wondering if the Deadboys could shed some light on what happened.

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In Episode 34 Matt asks their listeners to tell them why Sith are awesome. I don't presume to speak for everybody but I will say I didn't find anything about them awesome until I played Knights of the Old Republic and The Old Republic.

In Knights of the Old Republic I really liked how one of the paths you followed was for a Sith who was redeeming him/her self. I really dug that and it started to make me think of the Sith as something more than just the bad guys from the movies.

In The Old Republic MMORPG I came to really like the philosophy of the Sith as presented in the game. The Sith code is a wealth of backstory waiting to be explored (and I believe it is explored in the lore) and even little things like "May the Force serve you" instead of "May the Force be with you" helped me to really see them as more than just two-dimensional villains.

I guess ultimately I enjoy the Sith as villains because they're fleshed out and interesting, and not just two-dimensional bad guys standing in the way of the heroes.

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The beginning of the third session in LOT16 finds our "group" finally together (in a manner of speaking). But now that they're starting to find clues to what's going on in their world, will their disparate personalities force the newfound alliance to fracture, or will they persevere?

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Here it is, after a little delay. This week, each of us talk about our top three RIFTS world books and why we enjoy them. Come join us, and let us know if you agree, or whether you think we've had a little too much at the holiday parties.

Episode 29 asks: "We're very interested in what you think about the final issue of romance and sexuality at the gaming table: specifically, what's been your experience with it? Good? Bad? Steamy? Vomit-inducing?"

My answer is that I love having characters involved in romantic situations, but once it comes time to start role-playing out and describing the "steamier" scenes it quickly becomes a bit weird and uncomfortable for me. At that point I prefer to have the camera "pan away and fade out," with a quick narrative summary used to sum up the rest.

What have been other people's experiences or preferences in this regard?

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Hopefully, the first of many CDAP episodes. Come check it out and let us know what you think! And if you like what you hear (and even if you don't), let us know on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter or wherever fine podcasts are distributed.

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The latest episode got me thinking, how do others feel about super powers in Rifts? My first Rifts character was a super powered Vagabond who fought the Mechanoids with a Dragon Hatchling and a Mega-Juicer.

Now a days, there's the Book of Heroes which can give super powers to anyone who's good. There's still also the note in Conversion Book 1 (and the revised version), which allows Scholars and Adventurers to have super powers. Then there's heroes and villains rifted into the setting as D-Bee's.

Some people feel that super powers ruin the "feel" of the setting, where almost all human augmentation has a "price." Super powers by themselves don't have that price. It can be seen as a power upgrade with little to no drawback.

Me, I always liked combining super powers with Rifts. I really like the idea of a four-color style "Super Hero" coming to Rifts. I think the hero who's used to a world of moral absolutes having to deal with a world full of grey areas is a RP opportunity ripe for the plucking. As far as the Rifts natives with super powers as per Conversion Book 1, I allow it if the campaign is at a high enough power level to justify the power upgrade. I find it's easy enough to also give upgrades to other characters if necessary to balance the power.

What do you guys think?
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Yes, super powers for everyone!
Yes, within the guidelines of CB1
Only on rifted characters/D-Bees
No, too powerful and/or ruins the feel

So, I'm anxious to find out. Does everybody like the Friday releases? I've heard that some people like to listen to episodes at work, or whatnot. Would it be better if episodes came out Sunday night or Monday morning?
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