This is exclusive for house music producers and fanstics. You are allowed to post your new productions or favourite house tracts. It is all about house house music. I hope this group will help the inspiring house music producers to promote each other's music without expecting payment in the form of money. I believe that not everything has to be paid for. Imagine if you had to pay for everything that you need to just to stay alive. Do you think that you'd still be alive? If you thing so, I'm not sure if this group is really meant for you. My point is, somehow somewhere, everyone need little help. This group might just be the best Avenue for the upcoming house music producers like myself to promote each other for free. That means members has to post their new songs so that the other producers, DJs in particular, may lusten to their new productions and ptomote them world wide without an expectation of paying anything in the form of money. This group basically serves as a free promotion group for house music.
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