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Welcome to the [XF] Mission Day Enschede community. All posts here will be in English and Dutch. We will use English as the main language here.

In this post we will keep you updated of everything important. It will be updated regularly when new information becomes available.

Below is a list of important links.


Welkom in de [XF] Mission Day Enschede community. Alle posts hier zullen in het Engels en Nederlands gedaan worden. We zullen Engels als de voertaal aanhouden.

In deze post zullen we je op de hoogte houden van nieuws. De post zal regelmatig bijgewerkt worden wanneer er nieuwe informatie is.

Hieronder volgt een lijst met belangrijke links.




QR registration

Niantic registration page

Telegram Social Chat

Telegram Info Channel

Travel Information

Mission Day Enschede
Mission Day Enschede

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Mission Day Enschede Swag form

Dear swaglovers. Our leftover swag is up for grabs! We made a form for you to make your orders. International shipping is an option.

You can find the form here:

The form will be open until 30-04-2018.

Thanks for a great MD orga team!

Item passcode for MD Enschede does not work. Am I missing something? Not that that is so unlikely. It was a hecktic day. So I thought I'd ask.

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Found this little frog lady near the park yesterday and thought an Enlightened player might have lost it there. Let me know if you miss her!

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MD Enschede by Night my Retrospective
MD Enschede @ Night
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is there any possibility to get one of those nice, orange lanyards with the IGN engraved thing, for those how did not get them with the free swag (since they had to sign in spontaniously)?

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Any chance on the enschede mission day pins becoming available again? When we arrived at the registration they were already sold out :(

One thing many of you are probably already aware of is that Enschede offers a couple of awesome banners to walk during your visit this weekend. One of which is the “Enschede Downtown” banner. 🤗

But what a lot of you may not know yet is that there’s a nice exclusive biocard matching the banner, as a reminder of our city.


Remember to PM @Miyaahh on Telegram after you finish your banner.

I’ll be around all weekend and even if we do not get a chance to meet, we’ll probably be able to work something out! 💪🏽

Get yours before they’re gone and enjoy your walk around town! 👌🏽
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