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I need help to spread my foundraising campagin Baby Leo needs to do Early Stimulation and special baby formula.

Hello! I would love to have a million dollars in the bank. Right now I only own an eBay store. I would love to grow it into a collectibles shop in a building somewhere. But my credit is shot and I did not come from a rich family so what would be the best way for me to do that

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So +Michael L. F. Slavin did something better; he made the private group himself.  Come join us there, and we can talk the specifics of our businesses, including numbers.

I hope it will bring good advice to those with active businesses, and be a solid set of educational examples and discussion for those who aren't there yet.

I'm ten years out from retirement. If I just continue as I am at that time my mortgage will be payed off, my youngest will be out of college, and I'll have a pension secure enough to live...comfortably.
Will I be able to financially help my kids and (hopefully) grandkids? Move to a financially friendly State? ....doubtful.

I have ten years to build up some funds to ensure my family can not just survive...but flourish. 

I'm working on a new business venture; it's exciting and scary. I wish this were a closed group (not publicly viewable/searchable, e.g. by googling my name), because I'd have loved to put all the little details up for discussion here. After all, the devil is in the details. I'm sure it would be educational to a lot of people here, and I'm sure I'd get lots of good advice.

On that note, how many people here would be interested in a closed group?

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I'm still researching, but lets say you have done all the primary and secondary research, you've built a business plan on the best information you can possibly muster.

I'm planning a makerspace/hackerspace in Chatham ON Canada.

Chatham is a town of 40K population where the same concept is usually in larger cities (100K population and beyond)

Now you have to go get out your suit, and find a big pile of people who have built up business in the past and have capital that they need in execution where they would find value in the opportunity/investment/people/process.

How does one do that?

I know some large interested groups (the municipality, education, manufacturers). 

Feel free to tell me that I have it wrong.

Where would you start?

I hope to learn how to multiply my earnings into wealth and comfort for my family, appreciate the knowledge and opportunity. Hope everyone of us has a prosperous 2015!

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Since i was 13 I consistently announced to family i will make my own business and  i will retire by age 35. the consistency in my steps I'm on now along with this inspiring community I just joined and a thirst for knowledge i will meet my goal, Research tells us the #1 regret people have while on their death bed is wishing they had not worked so hard. When I  became aware of this thought wow and that was  not even for their own business. All jobs give the most benefit to its owner. SO as we all strive to be owners of our own business remember it does not matter how smart or talented you may be if you do not practice consistency it will take longer and be harder to reach that 1 million we all deserve. So  lets dream while we are awake and see 10 steps ahead  if possible 20.  Also be sure to remember to evolve or you will go extinct and if you hire employees do not forget you get what you pay for.   That sunset is amazing but being able to enjoy it with              $1 MILLION in the bank will be priceless              G.P. $in city 11:03 am

My experiences have taught me the importance of building the right team and nurturing the kind of office culture that fosters team work, growth and ownership.
I would love to learn to apply this to an idea. 

Hello all! Thanks Mr Slavin for the opportunity and invitation to the community. I'm a Soldier about to retire after 20+ yrs of active Army service. Family man and looking to continue our financial growth. Look forward to open forums here!
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