Wow - Our highly respected honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi initiating reforms that constructively orients towards staging the Nation - India and Its people in the club of Developed Countries of the world , for the people to experience every best prosperity and for India to constructively contribute to humanity across globe along with great Nations of the world - Much Delighted .

Our Nation - India's "NIA" is a highly well matured professional organization, it never inks shallow views any subject , every form of "Terrorism & Terrorist" will be neutralized - NIA's report is a professional evaluation with the focus of Nation - India's Security & Sovereignty and not intended to blame or humiliate any particular Religion in any sense - Irrespective of Religion , we the people of India, must had to ensure that we all continue to live in harmony and totally deny space "Terror Scope" in any form , in spite of existence of several Religion - Salute our NIA with Respect .

Wow - Our PM Shri Narendra Modi's flow & command on Independence Day 2017 speech & his deeds in the last Three Years of Governance , are an out come of his Genuine Passion & Inclination to Serve & Stage The Nation - India & Its people to glorious Development & Prosperity , in world arena - We the people of India are delighted at our PM Shri Narendra Modi's Leadership & Governance , that which ensure greater Recognition , Respect and Support to the Nation - India & Its people from great leaders of great Nations of the world - Wonderful

Wonderful - Our PM Shri Narendra Modi's "Focus & Practices" at both "Internal & External Affairs" of the nation - India , are so much well matured and with Statesmanship in quality , that which earns greater Respect , Recognition and Support From Great Leaders of Great Nations of The World - Much Delighted .

Wow - My advanced , Shri Krishna Jayathi [ 14 AUG ] & Our Independence day [ 15 Aug ] greeting to everyone - Under our PM Shri Narendra Modi's profound leadership , the people of India has various good avenues for Growth , Development & Prospects - Much Delighted .

Well, our highly respected honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi is the driving force for the people of India towards contributing to shape up greater blissful India - We the people of India are delighted .

Wow - Our highly respected honorable PM Shr Narendra Modi's genuine "Statesmanship & Workmanship " are the Marksmanship of a naturally brilliant leader with greater passion to serve the people tireless - Not a single day , right from his oath taking as Prime Minister of India , Shri Narendra Modi didn't took leave / vacation - We the people of India ,are delighted .

Under , Our highly respected honorable PM Shri Narendra Modi's leaderly direction and guidance, we the people of India are pleasured to take oath to contribute to the Development of the Nation - India - We the people are connected together with the common interest to serve the Nation - India , under the profound brilliant leadership of our PM Shri Narendra Modi - Much Delighted .

lol - Indian Congress Political Party's desperation is to the heights of much laughing - lol : Simple question from public to "Indian Congress Political Party" - When your own political memebrs had decided not to vote for "The Choice for your RS member in Gujarat" , whats the point in greater fuss about the procedural mistake [ RS member Showing, their ballot papers to opposition party ] ? Even , if Reelection happens , those who had not voted for Indian Congress Political Party , will not vote for Indian Congress political Party , that's for sure - So, the fact "Indian Congress Political party" doesn't have adequate number of supporting "People Representatives" to elect its RS member choice , its the truth - To cover this open truth , Indian Congress Political Party , trying very hard in creating ruckus of RS election in Gujarat - lol - Anyway , Bangalore Congress MLAs trip is a flop and against their own natural wish [ Horse Trading , within its own party , is today's famous about "Indian Congress Political Party " - lol

Wow - People are much in delight of Bharatya Janata Party , under the tall leadership of Shri Narendra Modi & Shri Amit Shah - We the people of India are delighted at our PM Shri Narendra Modi's & Shri Amit Shah's workmanship - Which is much healthy and focused to deliver every good to the people - Highly Appreciated .
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