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Not quite sure they're micro, but they're small.
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Wondering if anyone can make a map or two for me?

It's for a game that I eventually want to kickstart... I can't pay now, but when going to commercial I can pay a little if you want.

(If anyone is interested, here is my project folder: )

Here is the description of the scene 1:

For purposes of orientation, assume that the main door is on the South side of the warehouse. Inside the Imprinter’s warehouse are many crates filled with unidonk horns and other trade goods. At the North side of the warehouse is a ladder that goes up to a perimeter walkway and a catwalk platform that bisects the warehouse East to West. This can all be seen and ascertained as soon as the players enter the warehouse. On the East side is a doorway with stairs that go down to a basement level.
There is a group of five or six necrotic soldiers guarding the warehouse floor:

When the players first enter, two wandering guards will rush the players.
Three Guards are in the North-East corner… in Conflict they will fight in formation placing themselves between the players and the ladder to the catwalk, which is also in striking distance to the door to the basement door. They will shoot with their Polax if they have a shot, but will maintain position. Players trying to run past this formation would need to make a Maneuver (using Finesse or Aggress against the guards Aggress CR 13) or the Guards will get a Bonus Attack Action.
The sixth guard accompanies Mirtath.
There is a Necrotic Sentry with wands on the platform above:

If the players somehow got the security password, simply saying the password on entry to the warehouse will deactivate all the guards.
The crates and boxes around the floor of the warehouse can be used for cover from wand-fire, but that would pin the players down as the spear-soldiers approach.
In order to get into melee combat range with the Necrotic Sentry above, one would have to cross the warehouse floor (1 Zone) and climb the ladder on the North side (1 Zone) and then run around the perimeter of the walkway (1 Zone) to the platform (1 Zone). Which means that the Necrotic Sharpshooters would get at least a full turn to focus-fire on the runner. Therefore, generally speaking, to take care of the wand-wielders, the player characters are going to need to either use ranged attacks, take hits, utilze cover-fire, or somehow cause a diversion.
If the players are somehow stealthy when they enter the warehouse they could sneak up on several of the foot-soldiers to dispatch them.
Master Mirtath will come up from the basement after a few Conflict Rounds (per GM discretion here). He may assist the necrotic soldiers, but if this is part of a larger campaign, it is recommended to have Mirtath try to escape by activating an invisibility device and slipping out (this can be countered in numerous ways).
Mirtath will attempt to kill himself rather than be taken hostage (he has a Soul Stone, so he can come back).
Down the stairs to the east is a large basement (same dimensions as the upper floor). Most of the basement is filled with tables, upon which are magical manuscript copying devices and stacks of Conclusionist tracts. In a locked desk on the side are some letters from someone named “K” in New Caceny advising a sales price on unidonk horns to undercut competition. Players may find correspondence and meeting times concerning Kenerthon Jacops, the student leader of the campus Conclusionists.

Scene 2:

The Ripe Rose is a somewhat gaudy house of ill repute in Riverside. The house is painted pink and has fake gold trimmings over Heroic Age frescoes which cover the building. Outside of the establishment stands a large “orc” bouncer (he has tattoos on his face suggesting the soul in this Vessel is not the original owner). Inside, up-beat music emanates from magic music boxes. There are many scantily dressed women and men wearing bored faces. Some play card games with each other, while others seem entranced with magical puzzle games. You notice a set of circular stars going up to private rooms on the second and third floors. The “House Mother”is a buxom middle-aged women with obviously fake magical alterations which make her face have elfin features approaches you. She inquires as to what type of entertainment and refreshments you desire.

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Two tiny islands!

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A mini map with a mini spelling error.

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For S&W appreciation day "What's Beneath the well" is 50% off starting Sunday through Tuesday. An isometric map of a blank dungeon for use by GM's to flesh out.

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Playing with beer mat morphs.
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