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Most small business owners today need to have a website presence. Before it was just a case for many to have a lisitng in the big Yellow Pages Telephone Directory. But today everybody just - Google's it.

This raises a number of issues for the small business owner needing a website. The first and most important is who do you get to build your website.

The sad thing is there are many web designers to choose from but that is the problem, they are web designers and many of them actually admit as to not being web marketers. So that is problem one - getting a website that is fit for purpose.

Problem number 2 is marketing that website. I have lost count of how many small business owners don't have time to market their own site. And when they do want some marketing done they are looking for that to happen for free.

Unfortunatley those days have gone. So if you are looking to do the DIY SEO of Website Marketing and you don't have lots of time then READ THIS
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