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Female participants wanted:

Women, ‘Intolerance of Uncertainty’ and Eating Behaviour

Researcher: Martin Fisher ( Tel. 07960 414894
Research Supervisor: Dr Rosamond Watling (
Regent’s University London School of Psychotherapy and Psychology

The study is about Intolerance of Uncertainty in women.  I am seeking female participants for a confidential research study for my dissertation in MSc Psychology.

What’s it about?  Individuals who are intolerant of uncertainty find uncertain situations to be stressful and upsetting.  They judge them negatively and may try to avoid them.  Previous research has found that some people do not tolerate uncertainty well.  In other words they have high levels of Intolerance of Uncertainty.  
Aim: to examine the relationship between Intolerance of Uncertainty and women’s eating behaviour.  

Ethics: The Research Ethics Committee has granted approval.  

How long will it take? Typically, 20 minutes
When can I do it?   Now
Where can I do it? Follow the hotlink:

Can my friends do it too? Yes, distribute it far and wide please.
Thank you for your interest in this study.  I guarantee that your responses will be strictly anonymous and confidential, and that no further correspondence will be sent to your email address.  We very much appreciate your participation, and hope that the findings will add to the existing literature on this important topic.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Dr Rosamond Watling, CPsychol, CSci, FHEA, AFBPsS. 

Thеrе аrе mаnу trеаtmеnt орtіоnѕ fоr еmоtіоnаl еаtіng аnd оthеr еаtіng dіѕоrdеrѕ, wіth оnе оf thеm bеіng Emotional Eating Hypnosis. Thіѕ іnvоlvеѕ gоіng tо а lісеnѕеd thеrаріѕt оr соunѕеlоr аnd еntеrіng аn аlmоѕt unсоnѕсіоuѕ аnd rеlаxеd ѕtаtе whеrе уоu аrе mоrе ореn tо ѕuggеѕtіоnѕ. Hоwеvеr, dоеѕ thіѕ mеthоd rеаllу wоrk, аnd whаt ѕhоuld уоur еxресtаtіоnѕ bе?

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If you find yourself only feeling good when eating food and hiding your eating habits, then you might have a problem. Look for help so that you can get your life back on track and so that you can have a healthy relationship with food.

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Here is a neat recovery blog with 12 step writings based on movie quotes:

Problem is in Your Head
Every kind of issue starts in people's heads. Either one is not prepared properly to the challenges in front of him or her, or he or she is neglecting the basic daily duties or some other sort of obligations, due to the laziness or the shortage of time. 

Same applies for the constant need for food. Something is wrong and you just need to find out what. But, it will be much easier and effective if you start solving your issues in a good shape and with the proper body weight. 

The great analogy is a debt solving process, related to the outstanding bills you have. Many have outstanding bills or invoices to pay which are overdue for some time now. Now, logic tells you to pay the largest bill you have so you have less to pay later, right?

As it is logical it’s, on the other hand, psychologically unproductive and not effective at all in the long run. 

Why is that? 

You will pay the largest bill you have and make a short positive impact on your state of mind but the fact is: you don’t have any more money; so you might end up hungry this month. Few moments later you start to knock your head against the wall because of a new problem you have. 

And like that’s not enough by itself, you can’t afford to pay not even one more bill, no matter how small it is. And the moment has passed.

Basically you didn’t do anything! You are left with the pile of the bills to pay a.s.a.p. and left the bank with an empty wallet.

By doing things “illogical” and paying the cheapest bill, or maybe even few of them, you start to develop a positive picture in your head. You actually started to deal with the problem and still have some money.
It doesn’t actually matter that you didn’t make any notifying progress – you still have at least the illusion that you can solve your debt situation because, if needed, you can quickly pay another bill and feel “liquid”. 

That fact alone will have a great positive impact on your psychological state and will last longer, making you more efficient. 

The point is simple: when you develop a positive mindset; you can achieve almost everything. And in a situation where overweight is one of the many problems you have, it is, in the same time, actually the easiest one to solve.

By dealing with you eating disorder first, you will start the snowball momentum and bit by bit solve the entire situation which led to your excessive body mass. 

So set your mind to that. Set your mind to the option which will help you. You will get you to move and do something about yourself. Don't expect others to do that. As it was and will be stated more often, in most cases, others will revel in your misery, trying to deal with their own complexes. 

So finger to them and thumbs up for YOU.

Remember, you will not stop eating at all. You will merely rearrange your eating habits. It might become as a trouble at first, but be STRONG - you are helping yourself to feel good again. And along the way you will fix one issue – overeating

You will kill two flies with one stroke. You will solve one issue, and by solving it you will make things easier for yourself to resolve some other possible problems you are experiencing.

Most important thing – set your mindset to YOU instead to everybody else. It’s time to forget about the others, or at least to keep them on the secondary level and to start getting yourself on a primary position of your life. That way you will be more "operative" and efficient in the future.

Reset Your Mindset
There is a saying that one should not be judged by the clothes one is wearing. Well, it would be nice, and it might exists in some rare cases, but in most cases, people are judged by the first impression, and by some studies that first impression takes only 2 seconds. 

So ask yourself: Do you look good when meeting someone? 

And by that I don't mean if you are wearing some prestige brand. I mean do you "look" good? Can you sit on a chair and tie your own shoelaces without loud breathing and noise? 

If you cannot than you have an issue. Lose your body weight and your social and private life will improve rapidly, take it from me.

In this point of time, it might just be (if not don't get offended please) that you are sitting in your chair or lying on your bed, and probably eating something, no matter what. Maybe you are depressed or sad, because you would like to have someone with you to hold you, but you are unsecured in yourself and thus you are avoiding that kind of social conduct.

It’s time to move your ass. But, remember, you don't need to go to some store and buy some pills, or some sport equipment. 

You need to tell yourself that you gonna look entirely different in a couple of weeks. And that's it - nothing more, nothing less. You have everything you need already. It is just a matter of your own mindset.

Set it properly and you will achieve everything desired.

This will be continued shortly

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People lose their jobs due to the overweight
By the recent studies, 26% of employees in all types businesses or industries suffer from some sort of eating disorder and the most usual is – #bingeeating  , hence the #foodaddiction-  .

That fact alone wouldn’t be a problem by itself but during the research, the overall results between the companies [of the same size; in the same industry or niche; with similar market and similar number of the employees] were compared and statistics were mind blowing – overweight renders employees less effective. 

And employees’ efficiency is something CEO and/or business owner values the most.

By the opinion of a few international research institutions, this entire time, executives and the business owners were doing things wrong and spending large funds on a semi-productive solution by organizing team buildings and other sport and recreation activities, based on the past studies. 

And it did show some results.

Employees’ efficiency study - overweight problem

Researches show that the companies with the larger number of the employees who developed some type of the eating disorder have 18% lower operating (output) results. To further prove the thesis, more companies undergo similar tests and all showed the same results.

Today almost every serious company invests thousands of dollars on a team building or some other sport activity for their employees from all levels to increase the employees’ efficiency. Even so it’s a positive policy and in fact improves the working ethic of the employees by stimulating the positive attitude towards the company; it still doesn’t yield the long term results.

When the study has been shown to the executives and the business owners, those who took it seriously instantly increased the total amount of hours spent on some sort of the recreation their employees undergo already.

What seemed logical turned to be unproductive – overweighed employee can’t make any serious improvement or progress by attending the sport activity for 2 – 4 hours per week, one particular feedback report further concludes. In some cases that increase resulted with the serious health problems and in some situations with the law sues of the employee against the company.

Furthermore, increase of the sport activities during the week exhausted the employees and thus made them less productive, while at the same time didn’t solve anything.

Lay off policy – the new standards

As it was stated before, companies spend great budgets to improve overall health and stamina of their employees and by investing in that - to improve the output results of the company itself. 

That isn’t the entirely wrong approach but most of that money could be redirected toward the technological or educational improvements if the problem can be solved differently.

The fact is – it’s not happening because of the working environment. 

It's personal and the only way to deal with it is to change the perspective toward the individual. Even so you are seeing some shrink; at the end YOU solved the problem and not the shrink. 

Same applies here – in order to become more efficient as an employee; you need to deal with the problem on your own, without any outside help.

Disregarding this current CEO’s policy can potentially lead you to lose your job. 

So get yourself in a proper shape, live healthy and become the symbol of an employees’ efficiency. There is nothing wrong with the bonuses for your overall efforts while you are building the road for your success. 

Take steps to ensure your position in a current employment policy – who knows what tomorrow will bring upon us all. 

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Food Addiction at Sexually Abused Individuals

It’s not the substance that will make you an addict; it’s you and your closest social environment that will do the job. And the perfect example and proof for this thesis is the Food Addiction at the individuals who experienced some form of the sexual abuse during the childhood and stood silent all this time without telling anyone about their tragic experience.

This can be easily adapted to every similar life situation where these actions serve as a guidance and the metaphor - only thing you need to do is to apply this to your current situation.

When someone close to you -- someone you trust -- betrays that trust and pushes you through the gates of hell you are marked for life and nothing can erase that scar. But, falling to the state of depression and turning to food or drugs as the way to relieve yourself is probably the worst thing you can do.

In your adolescent age you experienced some of the worst trauma child can go through without any kind of protection or help from someone close to you. You felt betrayed, violated and sense of shame overwhelmed you; making you an empty shell for the rest of your life.

Now you have grown up and don’t know how to cope with the increased state of depression. You simply cannot function as a normal human being.

There is one thing which had never betrayed you and it’s always there for you to fill that void deep in your soul. Somehow you managed to transform the food from something essential as a fuel that drives you; to something of extreme value for you.

While eating, you feel relief and problems seem far away. But that’s happening only WHILE you are eating. As soon as you stop – depression kicks back and you are again miserable, not knowing how to even get outside and talk to someone.

How does Food Become the Matter of Relief?

Alcohol, drugs, work and food becomes the ultimate cure due to a simple fact – it creates sense of control. It’s something totally under your direct control and while you cannot make impact on other aspects of your life – FOOD is something easy for you to dominate over.

That false sense of control is what transforms people into the addicts. Choose your poison and the cause of misuse is the same.

Every time you feel you are losing the ground under your feet, hence losing the control over the certain situation, memory or problem, you are opening your fridge and fill yourself over the limits. As I said before, that false sense is present only WHILE you are eating. As soon as you stop – you can do it again because you lost that control.

How’s that working?

As a child you couldn’t control the events which acted as a knife slowly entering into your chest and twisting by its own. You couldn’t do anything about it because it WASN’T UP TO YOU to stop that tragic event – it was up to adults in your closest social environment.

But food is something you can control. You will decide; you will engage; you will stop – you will control the entire process. And this is why you are now a food addict. The food addiction took you over entirely and instead of one deep issue that you carry from your youth days; now you have another overwhelming problem. Only this time – you brought it to yourself as the result of betrayal earlier in your life.

This is not something you did to yourself just for fun. This is the sum of actions which stripped the sole essence of you as a human individual.

That particular sense of control you have over the food will come very handy later on. You will see…

Using the Control over the Food to Transform and REACT

You are deciding; you are engaging; you are stopping – so you have control. Only thing left to do is to use that control and slowly transform the food into its original usage – the fuel for your engine.

To do that, you need the higher goal. If you are eating something or thinking to make yourself a quick snack – stop. Don’t do it. Focus on this.

The time has come for you to set the record straight.

All this time you suppressed the facts which shaped you into what you are right now and there is only one person to blame for that – the same person who abused you and who’s probably abusing someone else right now.

For the following period of time you will drop the food as the mean for relief and adapt justice to serve that same role. You will start to react. From passive and depressed individual who walks like a shadow through the life; you will switch into the active mode and become the living fury with only one thing on your mind – to set the record straight.

This goal is your new agenda and everything else is less important. Along the way you will not only help yourself – you will most likely safe some poor soul who’s experiencing the very same tragedy as you once did.

How to achieve that transformation?

Do not suppress the memory – re-live it day to day. Let the rage slowly increase within you. As long as you are suppressing your memories, the end result is depression. Once you start to think about them and re-live it, your adrenaline level will peak high, creating the immense sense of fury which can and will be canalized as the afterburner in your mission – to serve the justice.

Remember, there are only three types of people in this world. People who wonder what’s happening; people who know what’s happening and people who make things happen. 

Which one would you like to be?

You are not a child anymore. You are responsible, adult individual of the human kind – the most advanced feature nature has ever created. And therefore it’s against the common logic that you sit and do nothing. You have an obligation and you owe it to yourself.

Just remember how it was while you had no one to help you. Now you are the one which can help someone else. You can be that hand that poor soul can reach for. You didn’t have it – no reason why someone else should go through the same hell while you are roaming the World.

As long as you have some unfinished business of any kind you can’t settle down and rest. It’s bugging you all the time. From the simple things like paying the bill to more complex ones; the outcome is same – you must deal with it sooner or later.

Now stop reading.

Take a few moments and make yourself a drink or smoke a cigarette. Sit down and absorb what you have read so far. Think about it. Let those memories overwhelmed you.

It’s of the out most importance for you to understand that the same as you can control the food you can control almost anything.

Ready to continue? OK.

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