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LilyPad and ArduBlock Class:

Learn how to program graphically as well as how to sew electronics into costumes, clothing, cards, etc. If you're planning on attending tomorrow's exciting class, please RSVP by 2pm if able so I can make sure to round up enough equipment for everyone. :-)

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TinkerMill in Longmont Magazine.

I have a buddy that may have 72U racks to donate. +Scott Converse I set up a hangout with you and +Mark Foust If you'd like to talk to him.

Hi. I'm in Mechanical Engineering at CSU. We recently opened a public-access 3D Printing lab that anyone can use to make stuff. Leveraged some donations to buy some really nice equipment for the community. Just opened so don't have a web site up yet but coming soon. If you're interested in learning more or visiting, contact

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Basic Flour Mill buildout notes

I have a decent collection of good used computer and network gear I'm happy to donate. What is needed?

Hi all!
I live and work in Loveland running a computer consulting business for homes and small businesses, and am active in the Computer Users Group of Greeley, so I'm no stranger to creative problem solving, organizing group activities, and presenting on a variety of computer related topics. I'm also connected into the local Linux User Group scene, and can also likely loop in some very capable Linux folks.
I'd like to help out, network/socialize, and "learn the ropes" toward creating a maker space in Loveland.
I found out about TinkerMill via +Mike Harris and +Jeff Cragg  whom I know from playing +Ingress

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First Post!

Hi, my name is Jeff Cragg.  I am an entrepreneur and amateur hacker, both hardware and software.  By trade I am CFO of Digital Retirement Solutions and Peak Payroll Solutions here in Longmont.  In addition, I am a database developer for both companies.  I am also a fair Visual Basic programmer.  As a hobbyist I enjoy messing around with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and whatever else I can get my hands on.  My online handle is always Joatmon = Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None.  I can probably teach the Intro to about any hackery (New Word!) subject, but don't expect me to be the one anyone goes to for the in depth explanation of any particular topic.  I look forward to meeting everyone and picking your collective brains.
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