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Studies : (a certain type of fandom. Example, Anime.)
Likes :
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Bio :
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If you're interested in being a mod, I need you to put in some info (half of you might probably be mod in my other communities or in other communities).

Name :
Position : (Mod or owner I really can let others be owners)
Why I decided this job :
Special skills :
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Love watermelon : (WILL be counted in the results I swear to you)

And that should be it.

(Forgot to add this so :P)

*No swearing to mods or me. It could be considered rude and/or banment for approximately two weeks.
*No sexual content. It's weird and inappropriate. When I mean sexual content, no lemons/smut/Yaoi/yuri/etc.
*When creating a YouTuber, put it on the No OCS collum. When using types of fandoms, put it in the OCs collum. Not so hard people!
*No godmodding. Meaning, no putting someone else on top of one unless you're a famous YouTuber of course.
*Please put things in the right collum
*If you're dating, you can only date your characters or date other characters but no dating real YouTubers. It's enough with fangirls these days.
*Being a child of a famous YouTuber is allowed just make sure no one else is child of them.
*HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Before ya'll get mad at me for not approving you before, it wasn't my fault! This bucking iPad didn't tell me until now.

The Dorky squad is also for random stuff but involves the most dorkiest things in the world. DORK SQUAD DORK SQUAD DORK SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!

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People with creating OCs vs. Me creating OCs
People : Creates character Names character chooses design decides on whether person should be dating other characters

Me : Reads over fandoms. Thinks of ideas. Updates. Chooses why character is better than others. Thinks of good reasons for their bio. Adds drama. Chooses fandom or canon character personal friendship/relationship. Gets mad over watermelon. I have more work than you!!!!!!

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Name : Maggie Roxelle
YouTube name : Kool Whipp
Age : 17
Gender : Female
Studies : Anime, yandere, Fnaf, mlp, and Creepypasta
Likes : Gaming, Markiplier, PewDiePie, iHascupquakes
Dislikes : Trolls
Favorite YouTuber : Markiplier.
Bio : As a child, she was abused a lot so she decided to run away. She came across a town called Social Media City and now lives there, going to YouTube school with lots of gaming experience.
Other : It is implied she is secretly on the Dorky Squad.
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