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It is very correctly said that Money is not everything. It the fifth day and he did not pick up my call. He remains out of city for 25 days in a month.My husband- one of the richest business man of the town. Lying in bed and waiting from him is my destiny now. This is not what I thought during our college days. Sometimes I wonder, it would have been better to be single rather than being in this so called MARRIAGE.
Is it life?
I think no. I know he will return after a few days with ample number of gifts and a sorry card. And undesirably I will have to forgive him and serve him with pleasure in the night. But will these gifts be enough against the pain which I encountered in his absence. No, absolutely not.
But I am woman and I am supposed to be with my husband in all the circumstances. He will be with me in the same bed after a few days but I’ll not be happy because fear of his being away from me after a couple of days again will keep on haunting me each and every second he will be with me.
A man can never understand how difficult it is to sleep holding a pillow around the arms. An alarming sensation runs throughout the body when she recalls her man’s touches.
So talking to him regarding all this will be fruitless. As it was every time whenever I tried to do so.
Is it really what a woman longs for?
I don’t want gifts, jewelries and luxuries. I just want my husband’s love and support. I want him to be with all the time. I want to enjoy morning coffee and dinner with him. I want to spend quality time with him on the weekends.
This is what every woman longs for.
But the question which remains intact is- How many of us get this?

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