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1.sign up like this name,age,likes,dislikes,bio cussing
3.role playing is aloud,but no bad ones bullying
5.dont make fun of alicorns.
disscon:this is were u talk abot ur faveriot mlp charetur.Note,debates are aloud.
sign u:do this befor doing anything else.
RP:role play in her,no anopropreyit things.
bases:this is the catorgy for artest
fishes bases:thisis were finished projects go.
videos:if ur a youtuber like me share ur videos,are videos u really like.
pick a pony:a nother good catogory for youtubers,if u have a few ponies and u wanna make series,this is the right catory for u.
vote:vote  for things like best pony,wich should be my oc.
request:a nother catorgy for artest.
pics:like ur oc,are funnies.
story:like ur oc bio are fanfiction
rate my oc:only ask to rate ur oc in this catorgory.
why someone should be banned:if somone are u is getting bulied,tell me.

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Can u draw my ic in t,his base anyone
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U coming to my 11th B-day party on wensday

I banned Iresel roblox and suger couse:
1.they couse to much
2.there bullies

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My new oc and Lucy what type of community is this

Art for me by: +Jaz Candi mlp

Guys must I tell u aguin sign up:

hello i am Lucky lime and i am new here i am 18 years old i like to hang with my little sister and my bf (vsp +Shiruka Uchiha) i also like to hear questions so you guys can get to know me better i dislike bullies i also LIKE alicorn oc 
i was in a wreck because i started to have trouble breathing so i stoped to look for my inhaler and i could not find it in time by the time i found it i got hit by a car and got rushed to the hospital i am recovering i am not in the hospital i can roller skate pretty good for a girl who had major injuries

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i forgot pictures of me oc
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