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This is a video i made to help my patients do some pirifomis syndrome issues and and bum pain . 

What do you guys think i need to better this video ?

Are these good exercises ?

What would you add?

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10 Low Back pool exercises you aren't doing

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What do you think of Life University's proposal to teach chiropracTIC philosophy "all day and everyday" for the first two weeks?
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For it
Against it

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New podcast episode: After School with NCLC

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Vote for your favorite Standard Process scholarship video for #NCLC.

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Dead body found at @lifewestcollege. Hopefully unrelated to any school activity.

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In this episode, I'm going to connect you with physician extraordinaire,  +Arlen Meyers, MD 

Dr. Meyers is not only a brilliant surgeon but also an educator and a successful entrepreneur. 

In this episode:
The art of entrepreneurship – Gut decisions vs. Fact Patterns
The difference between clinical judgment vs. business wisdom
How entrepreneurship is like the process of treating a patient
The 3W’s
The importance of setting up systems to generate profit
The speed of scale – how fast can you rapidly build your business
Me Too Type Businesses
The importance of innovation in entrepreneurship
Taking personal responsibility for failures and mistakes made by an overachiever
The importance of challenging the status quo
Here's the link: 
Travis Lane Jenkins 
Business Mentor - Turn Around Specialist 
Radio Host of The Entrepreneurs Radio Show 
"Conversations With Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs That Grow Your Business" 

Chiropractors in Denmark are fully integrated into the medical model, including tuition payed from public funds. That means students graduate without debt and work side by side with medical doctors.

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Did you know Logan University has an 18-hole Disc Golf Course? The course is free and open to the community and highlights elevation changes and water features across two miles of the campus.
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