Hellooo😊 sorta new to the games but I've been a pokemon fan since I was 3... anyway if anybody could fill me know with how the safari works that be great. Friend code is 0405-1502-4917. Thanks❤

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Give away… 1392-8984-6846

LF: Nosepass with Sand Force(ability)

Offer: Any Pokemon you want except shiny...

My 3ds got formatted, please add again~
my new ID 1392-8984-6846 & 4313-5716-2870
Add me please~
I can help you with pokedex... Just tell me... Will help if im available~

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I have played Pokemon Games for 20 years.

I am a Breeder.

I currently own:
*Alpha Sapphire
White 2
Pokemon Trading Card Game
via Vitual Console

*I am currently playin

My Friend Code: 0147-2108-7133

Type: Grass in any combination
Starter: Treeko
Pokemon: Flygon
Mega: Abomasnow
Legendary: Rayquaza

Games I play outside of Pokemon

Majora's Mask
Ocarina or Time
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Links Awakening
Legend of Zelda
Final Fantasy Explorers
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (DS)

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You vs dexoys) when i was watching pokemon generation the other day i watched the episode big scoop. Then it got me wondering where was the battlefield in the game i mean if ruby was battling dexoys on the satellite while rayquaza was free to fly around. So i wonder how do you really battle in the game huh? I mean where we're you doing the battle between rayquaza vs dexoys?
a legendary battle
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Does anyone have Jirachi to trade so I can finish my Hoenn Pokedex?

I will return it forthwith.

Card name: VPL
Friend Code: 0147-2108-7133

Games I play:
Pokemon Moon
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Pokemon X
Pokemon White
Pokemon Shuffle
Pokemon Rumble
Pokemon Card Game

IGN in all Pokemon Games

I am Pokemon Breeder

Espurr,  Grumpig and Girafarg

Favorite type:
Grass and any combo thereof.
Favorite Pokemon:
Favorite Mega:
Favorite Legendary:

Games other than Pokémon:

Final Fantasy Explorers

IGN Game 1 Victor
Game 2 Thorvich

Does any body have a Chimchar
You can get any thing you want if I have it and if it's not in my party

If ash were to age how old would he be? We're at 19 seasons and he's still @#$%ing ten
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