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Just look at this guy who has been an interesting person in class 12th....this has been taken during economic class hours...and that to sitting in first bench....

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Check this out....

Never try to repair the past which is impossible..... But try to construct your future which is possible.... And good luck....

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it is a conversation between a boy and a girl in a restaurant
girl: i don't
boy: okey, waiter make me a different bill
girl: wait wait I LOVE YOU

At a multiplex:
Customer: One veg burger please.
Attendant: Sir, do you want me to vomit?
Customer: What?
Attendant: Shall I vomit, Sir?
6 seconds of long pause.
Customer: Oh ya ya, please warm it!

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Expecting a negative answer, a girlfriend asks: Have you ever cheated, lied or broken promise?
To satisfy his girl, the boy replied: Nothing of these, I haven't done!

People who change after change will survive.
People who change with change will succeed.
People who cause the change will lead!

Cop pulls a young guy over for speeding and says, "Boy, I've been waiting for you all day."
The kid's response, "I got here as fast as I could!"
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