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This is Friday so don't drink and drive guys. This would probably be a good time to go through our message of how we are wanting to help the Nigerian child have a good life and these are our plans for the children as follows:

1) To help them get better education by taking them back to school.

2) To provide shelter for as much as we can.

3) Payment for medical bills for those who are sick and need medical attention or those who can't afford to pay their bills.

4) Rehabilitation for all by providing or creating an environment for creativity which helps build self esteem.

5) Make donations no matter how small to Charities for up keep of orphans.

6) Give as much children the chance and opportunity to feel love and equality.

An opportunity to have a positive attitude to live. This can only help reduce the number of criminals and crime rate on our streets in the future.


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Please Donate and share

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This is a link to our indiegogo page for donations to our cause. Please donate/share the word.
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