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"Hello my saviors!"
Name: Samuel Pire/Prof. Pire
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Likes: Em Ent., the way his company is going now
Dislikes: His false competitors, cancer
Skills: Business, running his company
Personality: Confident, kinda 'bent' on making a cure for cancer
Appearance: See picture
Bio: Samuel G. Pire is a born Businessman,good looks, charismatic, he had it all from birth! His father was the owner of the company Em Enterprises, the number 1 biggest company in the world, and, being the CEO, inherited the thing, and gave the company to Sam when he passed away due to cancer. It's been 7 years since then and Sa-err, CEO Samuel G. Pire, has moved on, but now changed the company's entire direction to a cure for cancer so nobody would have to share his father's fate again, even to the point of expanding this school to have a pre-health class.
Source: Steven Stone, Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald (

Jamie 2: Electric Second Coming.

Hey guys, new announcement! I'm going to get this community up and running again! Please share it with your friends! Also, please give me a new cover for the community so I can use it.

Hallo Um is this community ded

This community seems to be dieing. If it would be kind of anyone to make it active, and start rping again.

If it's okay with you, I'd like to add a sort of, "for the lols," category. I'll have a rule added so people don't just keep posting in one category. Let me know if you're cool with that.

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I like this Anime character she reminds me of me c:

Name: Aisaka Taiga (Yes that's names from toradora)
Age 15
Gender Female
Height: 5,22
Weight: 102 pounds??
Likes: the colour red, amimals cute things, studying, anime, manga, reading, Doing karate,duel welding swords
Dislikes: Cockroaches?
Personality: shy, cute, nice, smart, sarcastic
Appearance: Picture
Crush: No one yet
Bio: When she was born, the hospital caught on fire and she had to escape, her Mother had passed in the fire, her father and mother split so she just has her father.

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Name Umi Smeh
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 4,11
Weight 115 pounds
Likes Her Phone, Her Bed, Cats, The Color Blue, Swimming, People, Making Friends, Reading, Music, Singing
Dislikes Bullies, Unfun People, People who don't get jokes
Personality Sweet, Kind, Caring, Clumsy, Smart, Honest, Blunt, Sarcastic (Funny and Rude depending on the person), Quick, Funny
Appearance (Picture)
Crush For Now, no one
Bio Since she was young she had a happy family! But every once in a while a fight would occur.. The made end up moving way to much, she didn't realize that at the time but she did realize it. She decided to move out of the house and live on her own..

Hello!! +Doctor_CrAZyMC (LayZ_Chips) and I are the same person! Can you believe it? Haha!!

Hello everyone.. I'm sorry for the random post, but I won't be as active as I normally am anymore..
It's school holidays and I gotta spend time with mag family
And my phone goes flat really fast so I have to sit at my charger all day ._.
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