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Hello everyone, I just wanted to reach out to the group and let you know that I'm cleaning up some of the online presence that I've created and let you know that I'm changing the focus of the community.  I am no longer supporting FlexKom or its business practices and haven't been since April 2014 when they were unable to deliver on promises to market their solution.  As most of you know, the FlexKom organization has unraveled in the US and many of the first countries where they recruited many unsuspecting partners.  If you still support them, I wish you well but I would assume that most don't.  As a technology professional, I was impressed by the vision but let down by the reality that the technology doesn't work and the folks in charge are making no attempt to correct that. It seems clear to me that they never intended to deliver a real product to market.  I still believe in the vision that small businesses need an app and technology based cash back loyalty system that provides a way to communicate directly with their customers base but have found one that actually works and have been promoting that in all of my online efforts.  Somehow, I forgot to make the adjustments to this community.  If you wish to keep in touch or learn more about the technology, please post and let me know.  I have built a large team am opening a local office to promote a working program in  my community and would love to help like minded folks build their own organizations.  I don't want to bash the FlexKom company as that doesn't really help anyone but if you are on the fence about what to do, I would be happy to discuss privately.

Hi Everyone, wanted to say glad to be aboard this rocket ship, lets launch all over the US.

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