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Arcanicon 2016 hotel registration is open! March 4-6, 2016. Follow the instructions below and let me know if you have any problems registering.
Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare

Reservations can be made in one of 2 ways:
1. By calling the Toll Free Number 1-800-HOLIDAY (1-800-465-4329) or 773-693-5800. Please mention the group name Arcanicon 2016 at the time of reservation to obtain the discounted rate.
2. Going to

The room price should come up at $82 per night plus taxes. Rooms may be reserved at this rate from Thursday evening, March 3, 2016 through Sunday night March 6, 2016.

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Arcanicon 2016 hotel registration is open! Follow the instructions below and let me know if you have any problems registering.
Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare
Reservations can be made in one of 2 ways:
1. By calling the Toll Free Number 1-800-HOLIDAY (1-800-465-4329) or 773-693-5800. Please mention the
group name ArcaniCon 2016 at the time of resevation to obtain the discounted rate.
2. Going to and typing in the Group code: ARC

So Origins is past for this year and I played a new character. I have tweaked him and would like to play some more. Am I alone in this desire to play more. With a new character I can play a lot of mods.

Origins 2014 is in just over a week. Legends of Arcanis is offering two hard points, one soft point and a battle interactive. Come check them out!!

The Words of the Seer HP 2-6

A power struggle between the Khitani military and the Jial of the Phoenix finds the Heroes inadvertently uncovering a deadly conspiracy aimed at the heart of the First City. 

The Price of Honor HP 2-7
A legal battle over the rights to an entrance into the Undercity thrusts the Heroes into the politics of the Tomal Khan’s court and ends with a chilling discovery that spans the ages

Salvage Operations SP

A brisk salvage industry has sprung in the port city of Jappa in the aftermath of the Crusade. A salty sea captain hires the Heroes to retrieve items from his lost ship but is this really just about reclaiming gold and jewels from Yarris’ briny deep?

The Origins Battle Interactive will be a con exclusive going somewhere unexpected!

Attention Arcaniacs! Registration for ArcaniCon 2014 will close on February 22. Pre-registration has already ended, so anyone not already registered is not guaranteed a seat, although we will do our best to accommodate. 

Registering in advance will give us a better chance to accommodate the number of players, and help us to individualize the experience to each player and character. If you plan on attending please register before February 22nd to help make the experience better for everyone involved.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Arcaniacs all,

We are currently 2 months and 1 day out from the beginning of ArcaniCon 2014, and we are facing a particular conundrum. First, the good news: We still have some spots available for players, but they are becoming very scarce. If you haven't preregistered, the link is as follows:

We cannot guarantee a seat to anyone who doesn't pre-register by February 8th, since we need the time to ensure we have enough judges, and though I would absolutely hate to have to turn anyone away, it is a possibility.

Now, the less good news: Despite having lots of players, we don't currently have enough room nights booked to make this feasible. In order to pull this off, we need at least some of the people attending to actually book rooms. If you haven't done so yet and plan to, please do so. According to our registration list, there's only 11 people who have actually booked their rooms out of 21 who plan to do so. The deadline for guaranteeing the cheap rate is February 7th, and we need to know by then how many we have so we know whether we are comped the meeting rooms or we have to cover it out of pocket.

I'm really looking forward to this one, and I think you guys will have a lot of fun with some of the stuff I have planned. Oh, and Henry's writing a new Hard Point to premiere at the event too.

Thursday, March 6th - Evening - Open Library (if there are enough players & a willing GM)
Friday, March 7th - 8:00AM - Open Library
Friday, March 7th - 1:30PM - New Soft Point
Friday, March 7th - 7:00PM - New Hard Point
Saturday, March 8th - 8:00AM - Beginning of the Delve/BI
Saturday, March 8th - Midnight - Official final end of the event
Sunday, March 9th - Any time - Open Library, incl. New Soft Point or Hard Point if missed earlier

The main event will indeed be up to 16 hours long, with multiple planned breaks, interesting experimental mechanics, cool special missions, a mini BI (2 hours max), a mini LARP (1.5 hours max), and plenty of opportunity to explore a sprawling First Imperium fortress containing many secrets. A second teaser is forthcoming soon.

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Reposted from the forums:

Hello everyone, 

I started a new thread in an attempt to assure that everyone sees this. 

The final round of Reward Levels and Add Ons will be going live on Wednesday, January 15 @ 9pm. 

Get them while they're hot. 

And thank you for your continued support!


Henry Lopez

Only 25 seats left.

Who: Hopefully you. Definitely me.
What: ArcaniCon 2014 (AKA ArcaniCon 2: Electric Bugaloo, ArcaniCon 2: This Time We'll Do Better, ArcaniCon the II, or ArcaniCon Redux).
When: March 7th-March 9th, 2014 (with additional gaming and socializing on March 6th and the evening of March 9th for those who want to make a longer trip of it)
Where: Holiday Inn Detroit Metro Airport (8400 Merriman Rd., Romulus, MI 48174)
How: Through the magic of Disney. Or perhaps fevered delusions.
Why: Because Arcanis is an amazing world to play in, the community is a fantastic one, and because you really don't want to miss this event.
Cost: $20 per person, in cash, payable at the door (to cover our expenses in running the convention)

Registration for ArcaniCon 2014 is now live. Please follow the link below, no pushing and shoving. ... k/viewform
Please also spread the word, repost, tweet, e-mail, word of mouth, whatever you can do for your fellow players because not everyone is back on the forums yet and we don't have any other direct contact for many of you.
We will let people know when we reach the player cap and start a wait list. Please also remember to book your room at the hotel (

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The Kickstarter for the First City and the Blessed Lands is live!  PCI will also be dropping MORE add-ons and MORE exclusive/limited pledge levels so keep an eye out.   The next increase in options is this Friday at 9pm EASTERN time.

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Do YOU have what it takes to be a Champion? In the upcoming celebration of the New Year, the Pit Bosses in Sicaris have put out the call for the roughest and toughest and the most ruthless... for the Honored and Noble and the Dishonored and Scorned, to Fight it out and see who is the best in these Epic battles and Spectacles that will span days if not weeks!

This contest is for any and all RPGers who appreciate the tactical combat aspect of role playing. The system used will be the Arcanis RPG system. Even if you don't play the Arcanis living campaign, this is a random, cool, stand-alone aside opportunity. Check it out!
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