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Environmental Noise Pollution Monitor - Range : 0 to 150 db - To instantly measure the Noise Pollution Levels under various ambient conditions - With A,B & C Weighted Frequency Networks - With Fast & Slow Response Characteristics - With built-in Calibrator of Standard Frequency for on-site Calibration - Designed as per QS : 14000 Standards - Supplied with a Calibration Certificate traceable to National Standards - Supplied with a 12-month Warranty against all manufacturing defects - Portable hand-held battery operated micro-processor based Model RT-5001 with digital display, Wind Shield & Carry case. 

For your requirement, please contact: K.A.Madan, Mob.: 94440 12056, e.mail : 

*  Our Calibration Certificate is acceptable to all ISO Auditors 
    throughout India.
*  Readings taken with RT-5001 is valid in Courts of Law.
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