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Name: lovely white
Specie: human/underworld walkert( ghost)
Bio: died in 1862 but because of a curse put on my family for life now i walk the earth still a young girl i choose to still live what you call a life.
Likes:music,reading,meeting new people,and painting
Dislike: harm,bullies,being questioned, and being alone  
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Name: skylar rain
Age: 18
Birth date: unknown
Blood Type: o+
class: b2
Hometown: underworld
Current residence: living with her two wives ally and frost
Occupation: mother
Birth order: alexander and sky where born at the same time as twins
Siblings: alexander skys brother
Spouse: ally and frost
Children: Leona and kira adopted
Grandparents: unknown/dead
Grandchildren: none
Significant others: chase who is like a father to sky
Best friend: luna frost her brothers wife she's almost like a mother to sky
Worst enemy: none yet
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lbs
Race: unknown
Eye color: ice blue/emerald blue 
Hair color: changes as she dyes it a lot
Hair style: usually straight and combed over the left eye
Glasses or contacts: none
Skin color: pale/white
Distinguishing features: a black rose on the side of her neck
Style: (Victorian gothic/emo)
Habits: (energy drinks specifically monster)
Health: normal
Disabilities: add/anxiety/depression 
body structure: slender curvy
personality: introvert/shy/emotional/anger issues
bio: her past was erased from her memories

likes: music/playing guitar/singing/energy dinks/
dislikes: large crowds/preps/being alone/

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//skyar woke early that morning reaching up to rub her eyes and sitting up looking around before slipping out of bed quietly so is not to be heard brushing her hair out of her face she took a glance back towards the two loves of her life ally and frost and walked to the bedroom door slowly opening and closing it behind her walking to the scroll that had been kept in a desk she'd known this for a while and after pulling it out she recited the incantation on it smiling as she saw her uncle grim standing there and softly spoke "take me to the surface please" he nodded and grabbed sky into his arms vanishing to the soft muddy earth above the sky was gray cloudy and the wind blew back her hair grim gave a small smile and bowed taking his leave as sky made her way into the center most part of the woods she'd found herself in the dark wood trees seemed to stretch on forever and the grass was a vibrant green small animals scurried along the ground trying to get to cover from the coming rain and soon she  pulled an random chain from her belt loops wrapping its black steel around her arm spinning the loose ends to her delight crashes of thunder and lightning flashes obscured her vision but only slight slightly her shirt hanging of her shoulder and skinny jeans tight around her waist she waited for the first drop of rain to hit her skin running down her cheek and resting onto her lips before tossing the chain around the highest branch of the biggest tree she could find and lunched herself into the sky spinning and twisting the chain in order the launched it again on to the next tree sending her body flying towards it and repeating the process until she'd reached a clearing in the dense woods swinging her body around towards the middle only letting go at the last second to make for a soft landing pulling the chain back into her hands she wrapped it around her belt loops and smiled looking up into the sky as tears began to form and stream down the sides of her cheeks as the rain began to pour down her arms spread open wide feeling the droplets hitting her skin and running her off she soon was soaked and shivering but her arms lowered to her sides her hands balled into fists and rage began to be shown within her eyes dropping to her knees she began to pound at the grass and dirt screaming at the top of her lungs each time her fist hit the ground a small crater formed around her until all that was left was what looked like a meteor that struck the earths surface and let out a blood curdling scream falling onto her side and looking up towards the sky once again as the clouds broke and the sun began to shine through its rays warming her skin as she lay there smiling to herself//

name gabe
age 16

speices fallen angel

power weapon master for the hevens and hells weapons and can use electrity 

class B2

personality kind protective loveing

bio is a fallen angel who did one mistake and got kicked becouse he argued with an arc angel

likes football and rugby and driveing his cars

bullys mean cars

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name gabe
age 16

speices fallen angel

weapon master for the hevens and hells weapons

starter the fallen angel is sitting on the schools room top as he stands and thinks about jumping knowing he will live but still wants to end his life as he has had no one to love no freinds no nothing as (you his crush the populer girl in the school) walks up behind him and says "dont please" he jumps a little and nearly slips on the edge of the school roof

anyone want to roleplay

Name: Dyrus Hill
Nickname: Dyrus
Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: Elf
Powers: can control water
Personality: Friendly and caring, loves swimming and hanging around with friends.
Bio: moved to this school after bullying got to much for him to handle
Likes: swimming and friends
Dislikes: bullies

anybody wanna rp?

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