Name Damian wayne

Superhero name robin

Father batman

Age 15

Name: Dick Grayson
Gadgets: (to many to list)

Anyone care to RP?

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hero Name:the blurr
Real name:drake
Power:speed force
Friends:none am the new kid
Bio:when finding out that his uncle was the flash he does the experament that makes him the the blurr
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(more info in text image so profile isn't too long. also, was unsure where to post)
Name: Neomass, aka the Warrior
Age: unknown, appears as young teen
Gender: Male
Race/species: Demon/dragon/angelic mix
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[Name] Mar'i Grayson
[superhero name} Nightstar
[Age] 16
[Height] 5'10
[Weight] 136 lbs
[Eyes] Green, pupilless
[Hair] Black
[Relatives] dad:Dick Grayson (Robin,NightWing),
mom:Koriand'r (Starfire),
aunt:Komand'r (Blackfire),
uncle:Ryand'r (Darkfire),
[Base of operation ]Formerly New Tamaran
[Skills]Has had hand-to-hand combat training from her mother, though she is not nearly the expert that her brother is.

[Powers] Mar'i can fire starbolts from her hands, like her mother. Like most Tamaranens, she can also fly.

It is no secret that Dick Grayson and Koriand'r of Tamaran, the heroes known as Nightwing and Starfire,had been known to be lovers from time to time. On one such occasion, a daughter was conceived, Mar'i. While Dick knew that Kory was pregnant with his child, he was basically absent from his daughter's life, as Kory chose to raise Mar'i on New Tamaran with her son, Alerron Yat. Growing up with her mother and brother, Mar'i was relatively happy, and heard from her father from time to time. When she was five, her brother was sent off to be trained from the Warlords of Okara. She did not see her brother often, but got letters from him on occasion.

At her brother's graduation, Mar'i and her mother were captured by her aunt, Blackfire, who had taken control of New Tamaran. Alerron was able to escape to attempt to get help, but Mar'i was held in a prison on New Tamaran, where she was tortured by her aunt and her personal guard on daily basis. They tried many times, but they never could break Mar'i's spirit. She always had hope that her brother would save her.

Recently, Mar'i was found and rescued by Alerron. As she no longer feels that New Tamaran is her home, after the torment that she face under her aunt and the guards, Mar'i has chosen to journey with her brother and his friend, Katima Sers.

Mar'i lived in a small house in Ungra with her brother and Katima, where the three of them were happy, and Mar'i found herself to be truly happy for the first time in a long time. One day while in the marketplace buying food for dinner, Mar'i, Alerron, and Katima were approached by Cyrus Green and Aleea Strange, who had been sent by the Elusive Man, who had a mission for the three of them. In exchange for them doing several missions for him, he would give Mar'i and Alerron the cure to the Black Mercy placed on their mother and Alerron's father by Blackfire, and give Katima information on her past. The three of them agreed to go with Cyrus and Aleea, and boarded the ship the Normandy.

The Darkstars then went to Omega, where they came into contact with the Elusive Man, though he would no reveal his identity to them. He gave them their first mission, to rescue Prince Yason Cynril of Xanshi from the Black Sun Mercenaries. The Darkstars journeyed to Iagos to find the Prince, where they also stumbled over an illegal child slavery operation. The Darkstars defeated the Black Sun Mercenaries and freed Prince Yason and the children.

The Darkstars then journeyed to Eden Prime, where they freed a group of colonists from the control of an alien race known as the Collectors.

[Personality] Mar'i, while she is a very strong person, is still naive in the ways of the universe. She is somewhat jaded from her time as Blackfire's prisoner, and is wary about trusting strangers, but she still wants to make friends. Mar'i is very protective of her brother, Katima, and her teammates, as she considers them to be like her family.
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Any body wanna rp also this my guy Grian


Name:Grian aka Blue Bird
Power: none just high intellect
Gadgets: atom sizer(shrinks are grows) atom knifes(throwing knives that shrink stuff)
Bird wings put into his suit to fly
The birdi cycle
Heat sensors and coms in his mask

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Name: Beast Boy (Garfield Logan)
Powers: Turning into animals
No Gadgets
Likes: FOOD and Video Games
Dislikes: bullies


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Flash grason

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