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Please write all comments and posts in English.

How to become a tester:

1.) OPT IN here:

2.) Install the alpha App:

3.) Read the XDA developer forum

I will write a new post if a new beta app is available.

I would love it if amp could be the screen saver when charging our docked

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Is this OK for my One Plus 2?
Using original cable and adapter.

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I hope this help screen is clear enough. What do you think? 

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A new version v1.58.2 Beta has been published on Google Play. Please be patient, it can take several hours until it is visible.

Latest changes:
* Selectable display styles (They are in this release only in English.)

Please test the new feature with different cables/chargers and please report how good/bad it works.

* 3 new display styles added
* Favorit display style selector added
* Notification extra info selector
* Battery voltage in notification extra info
* Battery temperature in notification extra info
* Bug fixes

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This is also a screen for the next Ampere version.
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Would you like to have  a nicer list display with icons (additional to the old style list and the new grid style displays)?
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Would you like to have the possibility to select between various display styles?
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