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I did some searching and found a few resources online that give different activities and games that can be used on interactive whiteboards.  It is not just important to know how to use the interactive whiteboards but also to know what to do on them.  I have listed a few resources. 

Question: Do you think that there should be limits on the uses of mobile devices in the classroom? Also, at what age do you think it would be appropriate to start doing some of these things in the classroom?

My question about cyberbullying is why is it the teacher's obligation to intervene in cases of cyberbullying? I understand that we will probably see all the students involved in a occurrence of cyberbullying but it most likely happens outside of the school. So when does it become necessary to intervene or are we strictly promoting education of the negative effects of cyberbullying?

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I'm going to go ahead and self-plug here. This is a video I made in high school about Cyberbullying. (Government Project) Ignore the government bit; I had to make it work for my class.

My question for the Cyberbullying group is about teachers. How do we keep teachers from cyberbullying? Yep, I said it. Teachers bully and get bullied too. (Don't believe me? Read Alexandra Robinson's The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth). So, how do we keep teachers, who should know better, from bullying their colleagues AND keep their students safe when anyone can send them anything from anywhere in the world? Also, were does the teacher's responsibility stop and a parent/guardian's responsibility begin?  Students spend a lot of time in school, yes, but how many students go home and find themselves in chatrooms or other areas where cyberbullying can run rampant? What can a teacher do outside of teaching safe online habits? When does a parent need to step in and be a parent, and when does a student need to take charge and avoid certain sites, or report misconduct?

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I think it's worth pointing out that trolling has become a very popular, and relatively socially acceptable practice in online games and social media. Whether you hate seeing other people do it, or love videos of trolls on youtube, there are definitely a lot of people out there that enjoy doing it. 

In fact, I found a couple really great articles about trolls' motivations and characteristics by Dr. Erin Buckels. I think they're really interesting, at the very least, and quite informative.

This video, and her papers in more detail, reveal that people with otherwise benign lifestyles exhibit highly antisocial behavior due to the disinhibition from taking on an anonymous role. The graphic in "Trolls just want to have fun" is staggering. It's worth clicking, just for that graphic alone in my opinion.

However, I digress. My question is this: Do you guys think trolling is synonymous with bullying? And, even if it isn't, should we be doing something to minimize it?

My question: I can't seem to find this anywhere, do interactive white boards need to be updated? I am finding that my CT does not use the interactive white board for a couple reasons. She mentioned that the markers are not on track with what is being written. Anybody know why? Also, it she mentioned the set up takes longer and can waste instruction time. Is this true? I have yet to see my CT use the one we have.

Question: At my placement students rarely use technology since what they do have is outdated and falling apart. Do any of you have suggestions as to how a poorly funded school would be able to provide technology for their students to use? Also, technology is ever changing and developing. Do you think that means schools are spending a lot of money to stay current in the realm of technology? Could that money be better spent elsewhere? Most of my students don't have a cell phone, and if they do, it's not a smart phone so I can't use some of the nifty apps out there in the class. Any suggestions? 

I think the Michigan Model Health  curriculum has a unit on cyber bullying. I cannot recall what grade that topic begins in, I'll have to check in my notes from that course. What age do you think cyber bullying should be taught? I know some of the 5th graders in my class use social media already. Do you think that discussion of cyber bullying   can actually introduce potential  bullies to a new medium?

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Interactive white boards are much like any other technology gadget in any classroom. In my own experiences, I have not found white boards to be amazing like they're supposed to be, but I am also not trained to use them properly either. In the readings it often talked about the battle between the price of the white boards and how well they engage students. As I stated before, these seem to be much like any other gadget in technology because soon they will become old news, the cost will go down and the students will not be amazed at it anymore. This, I think, is why they are cool and helpful, yet not worth the prices for the gadget themselves and the price to train the teachers to use them. Like many of the articles stated, IWB's can only be used to their full potential after the people using them have been fully trained. Yes, students will be engaged and find it cool, but is it really much better than a normal computer and projector gadget? I don't think so. In one of the articles by Lisa Nielson, she compares prices from computer and projectors to white boards in the classroom. From her calculations, there is a $3454 savings when you choose a computer and projector over a whiteboard when essentially, they do the same thing. 
Besides the issue of prices with IWB's, I think another issue is technology in general being difficult to use and fails when we need it most. Don't get me wrong, I love technology and think it's great but when we just add into our mix of technology gadgets, for really no academic reason, it is just going to make our day, as teachers, much more frustrating. In an article I found it stated that, "In lower ability groups it could actually slow the pace of whole class learning as individual pupils took turns at the board". We do not need it to be harder to manage our classroom by allowing each student to come up and use the whiteboard or having technology fail and become a hassle to try to get it to work again. I find whiteboards a great tool when they are used correctly, but the prices and management of them seem to outweigh the positive aspects of them. 

I think that Online Learning can be very impersonal and hard to interact with students. This day and age, students are behind their laptop screens, cell phones, or watching TV, so why make one of their most social aspect of the day online? I just feel like online learning should be shortened to online homework and so forth, not online lessons. I think this class is a great example. I feel like I am not really taking this class because I hardly see people who are in this class. I like the social aspect of things. Do you feel by changing all school systems over to online learning students will become less socialized?
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