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A place for discussion, bug reports, feature requests and posting photos of your creations from DreamWorld Opensim. This is a free and easy to use software package based on Diva Distro and standard Opensim 0.9.

It is a 3-D virtual world similar to and compatible with Second Life.

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When I installed my DreamWorld 11 days ago I stood on flatland as a Ruth and didn't notice anything special. Then I uploaded my Home-Oar and all was fine. I started the world for about a dozen times now but only yestersday I suddenly realized that I inhabit only a little corner of what seems to be a Megaregion or a Varregion. I didn't intend to have that and it might be akward for I intend to up- and download OARs that are made fpr 256x256m. What can I do about it?


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Version 2.0 booted this weekend. There is still a long way to go in it, and I have no timeline yet for a beta, or a release.

This is what I expect to be in it:

Gloebits module to let you sell things. You will just need to create an account with Gloebits, and follow some instructions.
Full Grid mode with Robust.exe so you can expand to more than one computer
Single Binary: All Opensim instances run from a one opensim.exe in one folder. I also set up my own grid to do this - it works great and is much easier to update.
Bird module by Jak Daniels that lets prims fly and gather into flocks. Honk honk
Simplified Advanced menu for all you nooblets
Expert Menu for many more things like database and grid setups so you can break it much more easily. I am considering adding a timer to this so it breaks every month using a random number generator ( j/k )
Rolling log files for each region. The current system has all region and robust logs in one file. You can still have multiple INI files in one instance.
Source code for Opensim included so you can back-or forward compile to a different release..

There is more but its not coded yet so may not make it. They may have to wait for V 3.0/

I am still debating whether this is an upgrade or a new V2.0 system. I want to update to a better version of Mysql with better security, but it will not be backwards compatible. That means it will take OARs and IARs to move current content over from the 1.XX family.

Obligatory cat tax: This is Norman, who found out how to open the hallway door.


I installed Dreamworld an am very happy with it though my modem doesen't allow me to attach my world to the Hypergrid.

Only trouble is: I would like to have some Alts in my world. They cann try to make an account but then they are told they would be notified...

Who would notify them and how? I am the administrator and cannot find any pending applications.

Growth of the Dreamworlds: - There is an installed base of 1,330 grids, far more than the 'big guys'. 5% of you run 0.9.1, 95% run, and about 1/3 get loopback to work right out of the box.

At this moment, 12.2% of all grids that are online are Dreamworlds, so you can see that almost all of us start and stop on demand. I like to think of it as people vote with their clicks.

I have started on adding a C++ proxy server to V2.0 that will cure the problem of loopback once and for all. The proxy already runs perfectly, but it requires integration to be 100% transparent to the end user.

+Fred Beckhusen
Hi Fred
Can you tell me, is there a script anywhere that you can place in a box, button, switch or whatever. When you click said item your avatars appearance will change. i.e. Skin, Shape and Clothing ?

how many regions can a single simulator hold? plus is it possible to install more than one simulator on a single machine and still have them connected to each other?

am curious as how do u purge the unwanted stuff off the map

How do I make it keep the DNS address that I give it. It always comes up blank, no matter how many times I put it in. Onlook viewer is updated with the address, but I can not enter the world. I have only successfully once entered the world when I used localhost.

Am thinking of creating new regions... But with no grid map tool, this will be a bit more difficult. I suppose I will have to get out the graph
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