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Announcing Dreamworld V1.67 with Opensim 0.9.0 released plus Diva's Wifi control panel. DW has always had V 0.9 built-in, but this updates it to the latest 0.9.0, plus Divas Wifi control panel.

This is a beta, so do not overwrite your current simulator folder. If you want to try it, make a new folder, unzip into it, and click start.exe. It will make a new database for itself without interference with your files. If you want to use your existing database, first copy your existing OutworldzFiles\mysql\data\* into your new folder. To get to Version 0.9.0, go to advanced, change the setting and start it up. Don't switch back and forth, once you are in 0.9.0, stick with it to avoid compatibility issues as the database has many changes.

I'll put this (or what it turns into) in the updater in about 1 week, so if you see a bug or needs something added, please let me know. The updater will never write over your existing database.

Download Link is
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ok i want to know about selling new region free to my grid sis at my mini grid so it wont work after sell region to my grid sis and she said she try to buy for 0 and it said waiting to load and then error to

Is there a way around to get her own region in her name? And estate id need to put in but not sure how that set up.

when i test my digiworldz avatar over to my mini outworldz grid and i see on console that says like below goes scrolling few times showing this.

15:19:59 - [WEB FETCH INV DESC HANDLER]: Unable to fetch folder 0122eab7-4817-466a-a0a9-54163f73c8ff

What is that mean?

Was wondering if there is a fix or something I may not have st right to receive an IM when I am offline - If I send one from another me at a commercial grid to my favorite grid -DW btw - I never get it even though it looks like it was saved at the other grid me - now if I send one from DW to the other me whille offline when I do get around to logging in to that grid the message appears. Does that make sense? and is there a fix lol

+Fred Beckhusen I installed Microsoft Windows Server 2016 today. That solved so many problems. The grid loads up quickly, no map errors. We log in immediately, no MySQL errors. Big difference. Also this is using Outworldz V 1.67 and Opensim 0.9.0.
Yay. 😊

What do we do if someone named their world the same as mine? I just discovered today 9/14/17 that someone else has named their world the same as mine! And it looks like they just built it. Meaning I was first with the name. This pisses me off! I messaged them but not sure if they will even respond. They even have a pic of their ass on their profile! Figures!

I can eventually log in, but most of the times that I try and log into my grid with my avatar or if Bonnie tries, we get this error "Exception processing login for "our avatar name" : MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException <0x80004005>: Time out expired blah blah blah.

It usually only happens after the grid is rebooted, if we are just logging out and back in we don't get the error.

It only happens with these two avatars, I thought it had to do with inventory, because the ones with less items don't have that problem. But we only have 11k items.

Any idea what causes this and how to be able to log in without that error?

Im curious - how many scripts do any of you normally start when our sim is starting up? I am Running 926 before log ins are enable for that region.

Does anyone know where I can find a boat like the one at the Big City sim- I asked the owner of the sim but she doesn't remember where she got it from. She said I could copy it, but too many pieces are either no copy or no transfer so that won't work. The name on the boat is - The Amani.


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A dream of mine is getting a map online through USGS(which I already did) of Mount Shasta here in California where I live nearby(about an hour away in Redding). The place is magical in real life, and I thought how cool if I could get it into OpenSim, specifically in OutWorldz. There is a help page I have been reading written by Brian A. White but when he mentions the .bil files, I see no .bil files in the folder of the map info that I got. Here is the website I am referring to, but I need help in getting the info I get from USGS into OpenSim. Anyone experienced with this who can refer me to more help online? I greatly appreciate it. I think Mount Shasta in OpenSim/OutWorldz would be unique. There are a few campgrounds on it in RL, a ski park on another side of the mountain, and I think it would be great to develop it into perhaps a spiritual area as many go there for spiritual enlightenment as it is the 1st or 2nd chakra of the world(I forget). I and many others have seen many paranormal things there. Ufo's, strange lights, telosians(people said to live under Mount Shasta in a city called Telos), bigfoot, etc.
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