Hello, I would like to register my interest for 2nd Ed.

Of the different books what's the current set? Is it Basic and Expert? Players Guide and GM's guide? Something else?

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The Shadow, Sword & Spell 2nd Edition Kickstarter has launched. To find out more, or too back, visit here:


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So, do you want a sneak sick of the upcoming Shadow, Sword & Spell Kickstarter? Sure you do. Here you go.

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Shadow, Sword & Spell 2nd Edition. Status. You will be happy with what you learn in this post. :)


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GenCon 2016 event registration is open. I will be running a lot of 2 hour events. I have listed them on the blog. Note, there are 2 Colonial Gothic adventures and 2 Shadow, Sword & Spell ones.


I see most of the Shadow, Sword & Spell books are now available as print on demand from DTRPG.

I was skimming through SS&S over dinner last night (yes, skimming, and it reading, p. 117), and one thing I really enjoyed is the open discussions about purpose at key sections and reflection on bits of gaming history.

I find that very satisfying, probably because it rewards my insider-ness re: gaming.

Thoughts Occasioned by a Traveller was especially enjoyable and insightful.

As an aside, the Expert book is quite a collection of cool OSR-ish style expansions (Expert set ...) without being OSR / d20.
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